jim - Volume 23

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jim - Volume 23 - Number 5 - October 2012
The use of fuzzy logic in product family development: literature review and opportunities.

Bruno Agard==Marco Barajas==

A Bayesian network for burr detection in the drilling process.

Susana Ferreiro==Basilio Sierra==Itziar Irigoien==Eneko Gorritxategi==

A fuzzy ANP model for supplier selection as applied to IC packaging.

He-Yau Kang==Amy H. I. Lee==C.-Y. Yang==

An adaptive artificial immune system for fault classification.

Ilhan Aydin==Mehmet Karaköse==Erhan Akin==

Generation of reciprocating tool motion in 5-axis flank milling based on particle swarm optimization.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Hsin-Ta Hsieh==

An integrated approach to optimise parameter design of multi-response processes based on Taguchi method and artificial intelligence.

Tatjana V. Sibalija==Vidosav D. Majstorovic==

Soft computing based on interval valued fuzzy ANP-A novel methodology.

Behnam Vahdani==Hasan Hadipour==Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam==

An information system to support the engineering designer.

Richard Crowder==David W. Fowler==Quentin Reul==Derek H. Sleeman==Nigel Shadbolt==Gary Wills==

Optimized product data transmission in LOD-based collaborative design using P2P CAD streaming.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Yu-Hsuan Chan==

Prediction of cutting forces in 3-axes milling of sculptured surfaces directly from CAM tool path.

Nasreddine Zeroudi==Michaël Fontaine==Kamel Necib==

Developing a varietal GA with ESMA strategy for solving the pick and place problem in printed circuit board assembly line.

Pei-Chann Chang==Wei-Hsiu Huang==Ching-Jung Ting==

Efficient immune algorithm for optimal allocations in series-parallel continuous manufacturing systems.

Y. Massim==Farouk Yalaoui==Eric Châtelet==Alice Yalaoui==A. Zeblah==

A variable neighborhood search approach for planning and scheduling of jobs on unrelated parallel machines.

Andrew Bilyk==Lars Mönch==

Invention principles and contradiction matrix for semiconductor manufacturing industry: chemical mechanical polishing.

D. Daniel Sheu==Chia-Hung Chen==Pang-Yen Yu==

Heterarchical production control in manufacturing systems using the potential fields concept.

Nadine Zbib==Cyrille Pach==Yves Sallez==Damien Trentesaux==

The use of the Taguchi method with grey relational analysis and a neural network to optimize a novel GMA welding process.

Hsuan-Liang Lin==

Task-driven e-manufacturing resource configurable model.

Yingfeng Zhang==Pingyu Jiang==George Q. Huang==Ting Qu==Jun Hong==

Heuristics for puzzle-based storage systems driven by a limited set of automated guided vehicles.

Arianna Alfieri==Marco Cantamessa==A. Monchiero==Francesca Montagna==

Communities of practice model driven knowledge management in multinational knowledge based enterprises.

Mei-Tai Chu==Rajiv Khosla==Toyoaki Nishida==

A web services-based approach to develop a networked information integration service platform for gear enterprise.

Jianjun Yang==Jubo Li==Xiaozhong Deng==Kai Xu==Hua Zhang==

A soft computing system using intelligent imputation strategies for roughness prediction in deep drilling.

Maciej Grzenda==Andrés Bustillo==Pawel Zawistowski==

An integrated replenishment model with quantity discounts, reentry and downward substitution for control wafers.

He-Yau Kang==Amy H. I. Lee==Chun-Mei Lai==

A framework for ontology based decision support system for e-learning modules, business modeling and manufacturing systems.

Arnab Bhattacharya==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==Jenny A. Harding==

Minimizing burr size in drilling using artificial neural network (ANN)-particle swarm optimization (PSO) approach.

V. N. Gaitonde==S. R. Karnik==

Makespan minimization for scheduling unrelated parallel machines with setup times.

Kuo-Ching Ying==Zne-Jung Lee==Shih-Wei Lin==

Modeling and adaptive force control of milling by using artificial techniques.

Uros Zuperl==Franc Cus==Marko Reibenschuh==

Digital manufacturing market: a semantic web-based framework for agile supply chain deployment.

Farhad Ameri==Lalit Patil==

A robust approach for root causes identification in machining processes using hybrid learning algorithm and engineering knowledge.

Shichang Du==Jun Lv==Lifeng Xi==

Intelligent design of a dynamic machine layout in uncertain environment of flexible manufacturing systems.

Ghorbanali Moslemipour==T. S. Lee==

Performance improvement of a multi product assembly shop by integrated fuzzy simulation approach.

Ali Azadeh==S. M. Hatefi==H. Kor==

Cyclic scheduling of a robotic flexible cell with load lock and swap.

Fariborz Jolai==Mehdi Foumani==Reza Tavakoli-Moghaddam==Parviz Fattahi==

Using artificial intelligence to predict surface roughness in deep drilling of steel components.

Andrés Bustillo==Maritza Correa==

A method for grinding removal control of a robot belt grinding system.

Yixu Song==Wei Liang==Yang Yang==

Automatic discovery of the root causes for quality drift in high dimensionality manufacturing processes.

Lior Rokach==Dan Hutter==

Genetic algorithm for rotary machine scheduling with dependent processing times.

Jing Huang==Gürsel A. Süer==Shravan B. R. Urs==

A variable neighborhood descent heuristic for the problem of makespan minimisation on unrelated parallel machines with setup times.

Krzysztof Fleszar==Christoforos Charalambous==Khalil S. Hindi==

Information channel diagrams: an approach for modelling information flows.

Christopher Durugbo==Windo Hutabarat==Ashutosh Tiwari==Jeffrey R. Alcock==

2D qualitative shape matching applied to ceramic mosaic assembly.

Lledó Museros Cabedo==Zoe Falomir==Francisco Velasco Morente==Luis González Abril==Isabel Martí==

Ant colony algorithms for a two-agent scheduling with sum-of processing times-based learning and deteriorating considerations.

Wen-Hsiang Wu==Shuenn-Ren Cheng==Chin-Chia Wu==Yunqiang Yin==

Predicting the depth of penetration and weld bead width from the infra red thermal image of the weld pool using artificial neural network modeling.

S. Chokkalingham==N. Chandrasekhar==M. Vasudevan==

A framework for collaboration moderator services to support knowledge based collaboration.

Rahul Swarnkar==Alok Kumar Choudhary==Jenny A. Harding==Bishnu Prasad Das==Robert I. M. Young==

A framework for variation visualization and understanding in complex manufacturing systems.

Lee J. Wells==Fadel M. Megahed==Jaime A. Camelio==William H. Woodall==

Extracting performance rules of suppliers in the manufacturing industry: an empirical study.

You-Shyang Chen==Ching-Hsue Cheng==Chien-Jung Lai==

The heuristic preemptive dispatching method of material transportation system in 300 mm semiconductor fabrication.

Chia-Nan Wang==Li-Chin Chen==

jim - Volume 23 - Number 3 - June 2012
Analysis of new niching genetic algorithms for finding multiple solutions in the job shop scheduling.

Elena Pérez==Marta Posada==Francisco Herrera==

Comparison of regression and artificial neural network model for the prediction of springback during air bending process of interstitial free steel sheet.

R. Narayanasamy==P. Padmanabhan==

Process optimization of the serial-parallel hybrid polishing machine tool based on artificial neural network and genetic algorithm.

Guilian Wang==Yiqiang Wang==Ji Zhao==Guiliang Chen==

e-Supply network coordination: the design of intelligent agents for buyer-supplier dynamic negotiations.

Shima Mohebbi==Rasoul Shafaei==

Real-time fault detection in manufacturing environments using face recognition techniques.

Fadel M. Megahed==Jaime A. Camelio==

WIPA: neural network and case base reasoning models for allocating work in progress.

Lucas K. C. Lai==James N. K. Liu==

A framework for machining optimisation based on STEP-NC.

Firman Ridwan==Xun William Xu==Guangyu Liu==

Advanced semiconductor fabrication process control using dual filter exponentially weighted moving average.

Hyo-Heon Ko==Jihyun Kim==Sang-Hoon Park==Jun-Geol Baek==Sung-Shick Kim==

Optimisation of press-brake bending operations in 3D space.

Nikolaos Kontolatis==George-Christopher Vosniakos==

Tool path planning for 5-axis flank milling of ruled surfaces considering CNC linear interpolation.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Ping-Han Wu==Wei-Tai Lei==

Visual analysis of quality-related manufacturing data using fractal geometry.

Noa Ruschin Rimini==Oded Maimon==Roni Romano==

Contact center: information systems design.

Rui Rijo==João Varajão==Ramiro Gonçalves==

Forecasting of manufacturing cost in mobile phone products by case-based reasoning and artificial neural network models.

Pei-Chann Chang==Jyun-Jie Lin==Wei-Yuan Dzan==

Collaborative decision making algorithm for selection of optimal wire saw in photovoltaic wafer manufacture.

Che-Wei Chang==

Parametric design adaptation for competitive products.

Ali A. Yassine==

An independent component analysis-based disturbance separation scheme for statistical process monitoring.

Chi-Jie Lu==

A project scheduling approach to production and material requirement planning in Manufacturing-to-Order environments.

Arianna Alfieri==Tullio Tolio==Marcello Urgo==

A Kriging-based algorithm to optimize production systems approximated by analytical models.

Andrea Matta==Matteo Pezzoni==Quirico Semeraro==

DSS for 3PL provider selection in global supply chain: combining the multi-objective optimization model with experts' opinions.

Jui-Tsung Wong==

Multi-objective fuzzy assembly line balancing using genetic algorithms.

Paraskevi Th. Zacharia==Andreas C. Nearchou==

Application of fuzzy-based Taguchi method to the optimization of extrusion of magnesium alloy bicycle carriers.

Su-Hai Hsiang==Yi-Wei Lin==Jhong-Wei Lai==

Support vector machines models for surface roughness prediction in CNC turning of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel.

Ulas Çaydas==Sami Ekici==

Genetic application in a facility location problem with random demand within queuing framework.

Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh==Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki==

Automatic strip layout design in progressive dies.

Mehrdad Ghatrehnaby==Behrooz Arezoo==

Optimizing the auto-brazing process quality of aluminum pipe and flange via a Taguchi-Neural-Genetic approach.

Hsuan-Liang Lin==

An integrated framework of tool path planning in 5-axis machining of centrifugal impeller with split blades.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Way-Nen Huang==Yu-Wei Li==

Process integrated wire-bond quality control by means of cytokine-Formal Immune Networks.

Norma Montealegre==Sebastian Hagenkötter==

An integrated framework for card-based production control systems.

Ryo Sato==Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari==

Decision making process: typology, intelligence, and optimization.

Behnam Malakooti==

Pheromone-based coordination for manufacturing system control.

Lei Wang==Dunbing Tang==Wenbin Gu==Kun Zheng==Weidong Yuan==Dingshan Tang==

Vehicle routing scheduling using an enhanced hybrid optimization approach.

Behnam Vahdani==Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam==Mostafa Zandieh==Jafar Razmi==

Using genetic algorithm to optimize the dummy filling problem of the flash lamp anneal process in semiconductor manufacturing.

S. C. Lin==S. F. Liu==F. L. Chen==

Sequential quadratic programming method with a global search strategy on the cutting-stock problem with rotatable polygons.

M. T. Yu==T. Y. Lin==C. Hung==

Tool wear estimation using an analytic fuzzy classifier and support vector machines.

Danko Brezak==Dubravko Majetic==Toma Udiljak==Josip Kasac==

Hierarchical production planning with flexibility in agroalimentary environment: a case study.

Ridha Erromdhani==Mansour Eddaly==Abdelwaheb Rebaï==

A virtual environment for complex products collaborative assembly operation simulation.

Dianliang Wu==Xijin Zhen==Xiumin Fan==Yong Hu==Hongmin Zhu==

A non-linear quality improvement model using SVR for manufacturing TFT-LCDs.

Der-Chiang Li==Wen-Chih Chen==Chiao-Wen Liu==Yao-San Lin==

Improvements in operations management applied to a 3D simulation connected to a physical platform.

Julio Cesar Encinas==Andrés García Higuera==Javier de las Morenas==

Using past manufacturing experience to assist building the yield forecast model for new manufacturing processes.

Der-Chiang Li==Yao-Hwei Fang==Chiao-Wen Liu==Cheng-jung Juang==

Tool wear monitoring using neuro-fuzzy techniques: a comparative study in a turning process.

Agustín Gajate==Rodolfo E. Haber==Raúl M. del Toro==Pastora I. Vega==Andrés Bustillo==

Optimization of electronics component placement design on PCB using self organizing genetic algorithm (SOGA).

Fatimah Sham Ismail==Rubiyah Yusof==Marzuki Khalid==

Intelligent scheduling approaches for a wafer fabrication factory.

Toly Chen==

jim - Volume 23 - Number 2 - April 2012
Physics-based modeling strategies for diagnostic and prognostic application in aerospace systems.

David Stringer==Pradip Sheth==Paul E. Allaire==

Probabilistic fatigue damage prognosis using maximum entropy approach.

Xuefei Guan==Ratneshwar Jha==Yongming Liu==

Precursor monitoring approach for reliability assessment of cooling fans.

Hyun-Seok Oh==Tadahiro Shibutani==Michael G. Pecht==

Differentiating between expanded and fault conditions using principal component analysis.

Matt Humberstone==Brian Wood==James Henkel==J. Wesley Hines==

A quantified index for bearing vibration analysis based on the resonance modes of mechanical system.

Yuh-Tay Sheen==Yun-Hui Liu==

AH-64D main transmission accessory drive spur gear installation fault detections.

Jonathan Keller==Damian Carr==Frances Love==Paul Grabill==Hieu Ngo==Perumal Shanthakumaran==

Quantification of condition indicator performance on a split torque gearbox.

Eric Bechhoefer==Ruoyu Li==David He==

Stochastic modeling of damage physics for mechanical component prognostics using condition indicators.

David He==Ruoyu Li==Eric Bechhoefer==

An artificial neural network method for remaining useful life prediction of equipment subject to condition monitoring.

Zhigang Tian==

Crack propagation assessment for spur gears using model-based analysis and simulation.

Zhigang Tian==Ming Jian Zuo==Siyan Wu==

Accuracy and robustness of decision making techniques in condition based maintenance.

Philippe Orth==Soumaya Yacout==Luc Adjengue==

LAD-CBM; new data processing tool for diagnosis and prognosis in condition-based maintenance.

Abderrazak Bennane==Soumaya Yacout==

Application of the condition based maintenance checking system for aircrafts.

Pradnya Joshi==Mahindra Imadabathuni==David He==Mohammed Al-Kateb==Eric Bechhoefer==

Rogue components: their effect and control using logical analysis of data.

Mohamad-Ali Mortada==Thomas Carroll III==Soumaya Yacout==Aouni Lakis==

Minor maintenance actions and their impact on diagnostic and prognostic CBM models.

Neil Montgomery==Dragan Banjevic==Andrew K. S. Jardine==

Fault features extraction for bearing prognostics.

Ruoyu Li==Ponrit Sopon==David He==

Simultaneous control of maintenance and production rates of a manufacturing system with defective products.

Achille N. Njike==Robert Pellerin==Jean-Pierre Kenné==

Condition based maintenance optimization considering multiple objectives.

Zhigang Tian==Daming Lin==Bairong Wu==

jim - Volume 23 - Number 1 - February 2012
Special issue on pull strategies in manufacturing systems and supply chains: recent advances.

Jose M. Framiñan==Henri Pierreval==

Token-based pull production control systems: an introductory overview.

Pedro L. Gonzalez-R==Jose M. Framiñan==Henri Pierreval==

Mathematical programming representation of pull controlled single-product serial manufacturing systems.

Arianna Alfieri==Andrea Matta==

Dynamic programming model for multi-stage single-product Kanban-controlled serial production line.

Mohammad D. Al-Tahat==Doraid M. Dalalah==Mahmoud A. Barghash==

Buffer sizing of a Heijunka Kanban system.

Judith Matzka==Maria di Mascolo==Kai Furmans==

Developing a framework for performance analysis of a production process controlled by Kanban and CONWIP.

Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari==

Determining the number of new employees with learning, forgetting and variable wage with a Newsvendor model in pull systems.

Yufei Huang==Feng Chu==Chengbin Chu==Yingluo Wang==

A supply chain performance analysis of a pull inspired supply strategy faced to demand uncertainties.

Guillaume Marques==Jacques Lamothe==Caroline Thierry==Didier Gourc==

Integrating lean and other strategies for mass customization manufacturing: a case study.

Brandon Stump==Fazleena Badurdeen==

Towards lean service bus architecture for industrial integration infrastructure and pull manufacturing strategies.

Ahlem Zayati==Frédérique Biennier==Mohamed Moalla==Youakim Badr==

Pull control for job shop: holonic manufacturing system approach using multicriteria decision-making.

Fouzia Ounnar==Patrick Pujo==