jim - Volume 24

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jim - Volume 24 - Number 6 - December 2013
Multi objective outbound logistics network design for a manufacturing supply chain.

Nagayya C. Hiremath==Sadananda Sahu==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

On line tool wear monitoring based on auto associative neural network.

Guofeng Wang==Yinhu Cui==

Multi-objective optimization of facility planning for energy intensive companies.

Lei Yang==Jochen Deuse==Pingyu Jiang==

A fuzzy QFD approach to determine supply chain management strategies in the dairy industry.

Zeki Ayag==Funda Samanlioglu==Gülçin Büyüközkan==

An integrative supplier selection model using Taguchi loss function, TOPSIS and multi criteria goal programming.

Sanjay Sharma==Srinivasan Balan==

Successful product or successful system? User satisfaction measurement of ERP software.

Petrus A. Usmanij==Rajiv Khosla==Mei-Tai Chu==

Artificial bee colony algorithm for CONWIP production control system in a multi-product multi-machine manufacturing environment.

Saeede Ajorlou==Issac Shams==

Design of liveness-enforcing supervisors with simpler structures for deadlock-free operations in flexible manufacturing systems using necessary siphons.

Shao Yong Li==Aimin An==Ying Wang==Gang Wang==Cai Qin Hou==Ying Cai==

Model development for quality features of resistance spot welding using multi-objective Taguchi method and response surface methodology.

Norasiah Muhammad==Yupiter H. P. Manurung==Roseleena Jaafar==Sunhaji Kiyai Abas==Ghalib Tham==Esa Haruman==

A new genetic algorithm for lot-streaming flow shop scheduling with limited capacity buffers.

Jose A. Ventura==Suk-Hun Yoon==

A multi-objective genetic algorithm approach for solving feature addition problem in feature fatigue analysis.

Ming Li==Liya Wang==Mingxing Wu==

Fault diagnosis and prognosis using wavelet packet decomposition, Fourier transform and artificial neural network.

Zhenyou Zhang==Yi Wang==Kesheng Wang==

Joint production and maintenance strategy for economic production quantity model with imperfect production processes.

Gwo-Liang Liao==

Identification of concurrent control chart patterns with singular spectrum analysis and learning vector quantization.

Nong Gu==Zhiqiang Cao==Liangjun Xie==Douglas C. Creighton==Min Tan==Saeid Nahavandi==

A knowledge-based manufacturing advisor for pressworked sheet metal parts.

George-Christopher Vosniakos==Titos Giannakakis==

Statistical process monitoring approach for high-density point clouds.

Lee J. Wells==Fadel M. Megahed==Cory B. Niziolek==Jaime A. Camelio==William H. Woodall==

jim - Volume 24 - Number 5 - October 2013
Editorial: advances in mass customization.

Shana Smith==Roger Jianxin Jiao==Chih-Hsing Chu==

Mass customization in the product life cycle.

Shana Smith==Gregory C. Smith==Roger Jianxin Jiao==Chih-Hsing Chu==

An approach for capturing the Voice of the Customer based on Virtual Prototyping.

Marina Carulli==Monica Bordegoni==Umberto Cugini==

Augmented reality-based design customization of footwear for children.

Yuan-Ping Luh==Jeng-Bang Wang==Jin-Wan Chang==Shun-Ya Chang==Chih-Hsing Chu==

A KE-LSA approach for user-centered design.

Shana Smith==Gregory C. Smith==Yu-Rong Chen==

Perceived feature utility-based product family design: a mobile phone case study.

Gül E. Okudan==Ming-Chuan Chiu==Tae-Hyun Kim==

Customized products recommendation based on probabilistic relevance model.

Yue Wang==Mitchell M. Tseng==

Mass customization design of engineer-to-order products using Benders' decomposition and bi-level stochastic programming.

Yohanes Kristianto==Petri Helo==Roger J. Jiao==

Reconfigurable handling systems as an enabler for large components in mass customized production.

Rainer Müller==Martin Esser==Matthias Vette==

Mathematical model for simultaneous design of module commonalization and supply chain configuration toward global product family.

Kikuo Fujita==Hirofumi Amaya==Ryota Akai==

Integrated supply chain and product family architecture under highly customized demand.

Kashif M. Shahzad==Khaled Hadj-Hamou==

Mass customization and personalization software development: a case study eco-design product service system.

Tsai-Chi Kuo==

Service customization under capacity constraints: an auction-based model.

Chun Wang==Farnaz Dargahi==

Affective and cognitive design for mass personalization: status and prospect.

Feng Zhou==Yangjian Ji==Roger Jianxin Jiao==

jim - Volume 24 - Number 4 - August 2013
Model selection with considering the CO2 emission alone the global supply chain.

Thi Phuong Nha Le==Tzong-Ru Lee==

Multi-objective prediction model for the establishment of sputtered GZO semiconducting transparent thin films.

Ching-Been Yang==

A new adaptive slicing approach for the fully dense freeform fabrication (FDFF) process.

Mohammad T. Hayasi==Bahram Asiabanpour==

Maintenance scheduling incorporating dynamics of production system and real-time information from workstations.

Ali Arab==Napsiah Ismail==Lai Soon Lee==

Applying modified NSGA-II for bi-objective supply chain problem.

Susmita Bandyopadhyay==Ranjan Bhattacharya==

Production planning optimization for manufacturing and remanufacturing system in stochastic environment.

Mohd. Arshad Naeem==Dean J. Dias==Rupak Tibrewal==Pei-Chann Chang==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

An upgraded artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm for constrained optimization problems.

Ivona Brajevic==Milan Tuba==

Lateness minimization with Tabu search for job shop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times.

Miguel A. González==Camino R. Vela==Inés González Rodríguez==Ramiro Varela==

Application of fuzzy logic and regression analysis for modeling surface roughness in face milliing.

Pavel Kovac==Dragan Rodic==Vladimir Pucovsky==Branislav Savkovic==Marin Gostimirovic==

A GEP-based reactive scheduling policies constructing approach for dynamic flexible job shop scheduling problem with job release dates.

Li Nie==Liang Gao==Peigen Li==Xinyu Li==

Particle swarm optimization algorithm for a vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous fleet, mixed backhauls, and time windows.

Farah Belmecheri==Christian Prins==Farouk Yalaoui==Lionel Amodeo==

Process planning optimization for parallel drilling of blind holes using a two phase genetic algorithm.

Shujuan Li==Yong Liu==Yan Li==Robert G. Landers==Lie Tang==

Multi-objective energy aware multiprocessor scheduling using bat intelligence.

Behnam Malakooti==Shaya Sheikh==Camelia Al-Najjar==Hyun Kim==

A comparison of multiobjective depth-first algorithms.

Javier Coego==Lawrence Mandow==José-Luis Pérez-de-la-Cruz==

Feature-based generation of machining process plans for optimised parts manufacture.

Mariusz Deja==Mieczyslaw S. Siemiatkowski==

A capacity allocation and expansion model for TFT-LCD multi-site manufacturing.

Tzu-Li Chen==Yin-Yann Chen==Hao-Chun Lu==

jim - Volume 24 - Number 3 - June 2013
Editorial: Special issue on engineering education.

Asbjørn Rolstadås==Augusta Maria Paci==

Training ultra precision engineers for UK manufacturing industry.

Christopher Sansom==Paul Shore==

Academic-industrial international cooperations for engineering education.

Claudio Roberto Boër==Luca Canetta==Paolo Pedrazzoli==Claudia Redaelli==

Contextually enriched competence model in the field of sustainable manufacturing for simulation style technology enhanced learning environments.

Gregor Cerinsek==Sobah Abbas Petersen==Tuija Heikura==

The development of competencies in manufacturing engineering by means of a deep-drawing tool.

F. Javier Ramirez==Rosario Domingo==Miguel Angel Sebastián==Michael S. Packianather==

On industrial learning and training for the factories of the future: a conceptual, cognitive and technology framework.

Dimitris Mavrikios==Nikolaos Papakostas==Dimitris Mourtzis==George Chryssolouris==

Education for innovation: trends, collaborations and views.

Augusta Maria Paci==Cecilia Lalle==Maria Stella Chiacchio==

Improving teaching in engineering education: adjunct enterprise professors programme.

Carlos Baladrón Zorita==María I. Jiménez==Javier M. Aguiar Pérez==Belén Carro==Antonio Sánchez-Esguevillas==

Educational programmes for future employability of graduates in SMEs.

Ingrid Hunt==Emma O'Brien==David Tormey==Slyvia Alexander==Eamonn McQuade==Michael Hennessy==

Experience from continuing education using e-learning.

Asbjørn Rolstadås==

Accelerated Problem Solving Sessions in University Laboratory Settings.

Marek Zareba==Anna Schuh==Jaime A. Camelio==

An approach for research and training in enterprise information system with RFID technology.

Chen-Yang Cheng==Vittal Prabhu==

Design chain management: bridging the gap between engineering and management.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Weidong Li==Roger J. Jiao==Jack C. P. Su==

Multi-agent negotiation based on price schedules algorithm for distributed collaborative design.

Yung-I Lin==Yu-Wen Chou==Jiun-Yan Shiau==Chih-Hsing Chu==

Multi-objective design and tolerance allocation for single- and multi-level systems.

Tzu-Chieh Hung==Kuei-Yuan Chan==

SysML-based design chain information modeling for variety management in production reconfiguration.

Dazhong Wu==Linda L. Zhang==Roger Jianxin Jiao==Roberto F. Lu==

Formalization of design chain management using environment-based design (EBD) theory.

Xuan S. Yang==Yong Zeng==Wei Liu==

A multi-agent collaborative maintenance platform applying game theory negotiation strategies.

Amy J. C. Trappey==Charles V. Trappey==Wei-Chun Ni==

An analogy based estimation framework for design rework efforts.

Panumas Arundachawat==Rajkumar Roy==Ahmed Al-Ashaab==

Simulation-based conjoint ranking for optimal decision support process under aleatory uncertainty.

Alex Ruderman==Seung-Kyum Choi==Roger J. Jiao==

jim - Volume 24 - Number 2 - April 2013
Combining rough set and case based reasoning for process conditions selection in camshaft grinding.

X. H. Zhang==Z. H. Deng==W. Liu==H. Cao==

A new approach for manufacturing forecast problems with insufficient data: the case of TFT-LCDs.

Der-Chiang Li==Chih-Chieh Chang==Chiao-Wen Liu==Wen-Chih Chen==

Survey on assembly sequencing: a combinatorial and geometrical perspective.

Pablo Jiménez==

Mining affective needs of automotive industry customers for building a mass-customization recommender system.

Efthimia Mavridou==Dionisis D. Kehagias==Dimitrios Tzovaras==George Hassapis==

On performance enhancement of parallel kinematic machine.

Dan Zhang==Lihui Wang==Zhen Gao==Xiaoping Su==

A flexible three-level logistic network design considering cost and time criteria with a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm.

Hossein Rajabalipour Cheshmehgaz==Mohamad Ishak Desa==Antoni Wibowo==

Design by customer: concept and applications.

Risdiyono==Pisut Koomsap==

Generating rules from data mining for collaboration moderator services.

Claire Palmer==Jennifer A. Harding==Rahul Swarnkar==Bishnu Prasad Das==Robert I. M. Young==

A multi-objective facility location model with batch arrivals: two parameter-tuned meta-heuristic algorithms.

Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh==Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki==Vahid Hajipour==

Intelligent toolpath selection via multi-criteria optimization in complex sculptured surface milling.

Canberk Manav==Hasan Sinan Bank==Ismail Lazoglu==

A comparative analysis of meta-heuristic approaches for facility layout design problem: a case study for an elevator manufacturer.

Gülfem Tuzkaya==Bahadir Gülsün==Umut Rifat Tuzkaya==Semih Önüt==Ender Bildik==

Competence maps using agglomerative hierarchical clustering.

Ahmad Barirani==Bruno Agard==Catherine Beaudry==

Uncertainty quantifications of Pareto optima in multiobjective problems.

Tzu-Chieh Hung==Kuei-Yuan Chan==

Application of neural network in QFD matrix.

Izabela Kutschenreiter-Praszkiewicz==

A network flow based heuristic approach for optimising AGV movements.

Giuseppe Confessore==Marcello Fabiano==Giacomo Liotta==

jim - Volume 24 - Number 1 - February 2013
Application of ant colony optimization algorithm in process planning optimization.

Xiaojun Liu==Hong Yi==Zhonghua Ni==

An intelligent supervision system for open loop controlled processes.

Ana González-Marcos==Joaquín B. Ordieres Meré==V. Muñoz-Munilla==Fernando Alba-Elías==

Online monitoring and fault identification of mean shifts in bivariate processes using decision tree learning techniques.

Shu-Guang He==Zhen He==Gang A. Wang==

Optimization of bead geometry of submerged arc weld using fuzzy based desirability function approach.

Ankita Singh==Saurav Datta==Siba Sankar Mahapatra==Tapan Singha==Gautam Majumdar==

Ant colony optimization algorithm for the Euclidean location-allocation problem with unknown number of facilities.

Jean-Paul Arnaout==

Complexity analysis of distributed measuring and sensing network in multistage machining processes.

Fuqiang Zhang==Pingyu Jiang==

A study on automatic on-machine inspection system for 3D modeling and measurement of cutting tools.

Xi Zhang==Wai Ming Tsang==Kazuo Yamazaki==Masahiko Mori==

An integrated strategy for efficient business plan and maintenance plan for systems with a dynamic failure distribution.

Jérémie Schutz==Nidhal Rezg==Jean-Baptiste Léger==

Applying constraint satisfaction approach to solve product configuration problems with cardinality-based configuration rules.

Dong Yang==Ming Dong==

A SCOR based approach for measuring a benchmarkable supply chain performance.

Batuhan Kocaoglu==Bahadir Gülsün==Mehmet Tanyas==

Intelligent production planning for complex garment manufacturing.

P. Y. Mok==T. Y. Cheung==Wai Keung Wong==Sunney Yung-Sun Leung==J. T. Fan==

Basic computational tools and mechanical hardware for torque-based diagnostic of machining operations.

Ibrahim N. Tansel==Mustafa Demetgül==Kimberly Bickraj==Bülent Kaya==Babür Özçelik==

An integrated fuzzy synthetic evaluation approach for supplier selection based on analytic network process.

Bohui Pang==Shizhen Bai==

Performance evaluation of proposed Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms for scheduling m-machine flow shops with lot streaming.

G. Vijay Chakaravarthy==S. Marimuthu==A. Naveen Sait==

A two-stage hybrid flowshop scheduling problem in machine breakdown condition.

Mohammad Mirabi==Seyyed M. T. Fatemi Ghomi==Fariborz Jolai==

Modeling and solving a multi-objective supplier quota allocation problem considering transaction costs.

Mehdi Seifbarghy==Nima Esfandiari==