jim - Volume 25

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jim - Volume 25 - Number 6 - December 2014
Analogies between Internet network and logistics service networks: challenges involved in the interconnection.

Rochdi Sarraj==Eric Ballot==Shenle Pan==Benoît Montreuil==

Native metaheuristics for non-permutation flowshop scheduling.

Andrea Rossi==Michele Lanzetta==

Automatic inspection system of LED chip using two-stages back-propagation neural network.

Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo==Chien-Tung Max Hsu==Zong-Xian Liu==Han-Cheng Wu==

Intensified iterative deepening A* with application to job shop scheduling.

Carlos Mencía==María R. Sierra==Ramiro Varela==

A self-evolving artificial immune system II with T-cell and B-cell for permutation flow-shop problem.

Meng-Hui Chen==Pei-Chann Chang==Cheng-Hui Lin==

Scheduling a single mobile robot for part-feeding tasks of production lines.

Quang-Vinh Dang==Izabela Nielsen==Kenn Steger-Jensen==Ole Madsen==

Knowledge discovery in steel bar rolling mills using scheduling data and automated inspection.

Kuldeep Agarwal==Rajiv Shivpuri==

Intelligent modelling of back-side weld bead geometry using weld pool surface characteristic parameters.

XueWu Wang==RuiRui Li==

Knowledge-based systems using neural networks for electron beam welding process of reactive material (Zircaloy-4).

M. N. Jha==Dilip Kumar Pratihar==A. V. Bapat==Vidyut Dey==Maajid Ali==A. C. Bagchi==

Multi-objective optimal design of small scale resistance spot welding process with principal component analysis and response surface methodology.

Dawei Zhao==Yuanxun Wang==Suning Sheng==Zongguo Lin==

A hybrid \(\text{ M}5^\prime \) -genetic programming approach for ensuring greater trustworthiness of prediction ability in modelling of FDM process.

Akhil Garg==K. Tai==C. H. Lee==M. M. Savalani==

Order allocation for multiple supply-demand networks within a cluster.

Wei Xiang==Faishuai Song==Feifan Ye==

A cost-based module mining method for the assemble-to-order strategy.

Chieh-Yuan Tsai==Chih-Jung Chen==Yu-Ting Lo==

Clustering and group selection of interim product in shipbuilding.

Yuguang Zhong==Kai Xue==Dongyan Shi==

Online incremental learning for tool condition classification using modified Fuzzy ARTMAP network.

Guofeng Wang==Zhiwei Guo==Lei Qian==

Applying the concept of exponential approach to enhance the assessment capability of FMEA.

Kuei-Hu Chang==Yung-Chia Chang==Pei-Ting Lai==

Fault diagnosis in power transformers using multi-class logical analysis of data.

Mohamad-Ali Mortada==Soumaya Yacout==Aouni Lakis==

A correlation-driven optimal service selection approach for virtual enterprise establishment.

Quanwang Wu==Qingsheng Zhu==Mingqiang Zhou==

An integrated GA-DEA algorithm for determining the most effective maintenance policy for a k -out-of- n problem.

Mohammad Sheikhalishahi==V. Ebrahimipour==Mehdi Hosseinabadi Farahani==

Estimation of optimal machining control parameters using artificial bee colony.

Norfadzlan Yusup==Arezoo Sarkheyli==Azlan Mohd Zain==Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim==Norafida Ithnin==

jim - Volume 25 - Number 5 - October 2014
Manufacturing intelligence and innovation for digital manufacturing and operational excellence.

Chen-Fu Chien==Mitsuo Gen==Yongjiang Shi==Chia-Yu Hsu==

Multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for manufacturing scheduling problems: state-of-the-art survey.

Mitsuo Gen==Lin Lin==

The cooperative estimation of distribution algorithm: a novel approach for semiconductor final test scheduling problems.

Xin-Chang Hao==Jei-Zheng Wu==Chen-Fu Chien==Mitsuo Gen==

Hybrid sampling strategy-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for process planning and scheduling problem.

Wenqiang Zhang==Mitsuo Gen==Jungbok Jo==

Determining the operator-machine assignment for machine interference problem and an empirical study in semiconductor test facility.

Chen-Fu Chien==Jia-Nian Zheng==Yi-Jay Lin==

Therblig-based energy demand modeling methodology of machining process to support intelligent manufacturing.

Shun Jia==Renzhong Tang==Jingxiang Lv==

Hierarchical indices to detect equipment condition changes with high dimensional data for semiconductor manufacturing.

Hui-Chun Yu==Kuo-Yi Lin==Chen-Fu Chien==

Integrated data envelopment analysis and neural network model for forecasting performance of wafer fabrication operations.

Chia-Yu Hsu==

An empirical study of design-of-experiment data mining for yield-loss diagnosis for semiconductor manufacturing.

Chen-Fu Chien==Kuo-Hao Chang==Wen-Chih Wang==

Tissue characterization of coronary plaque by kNN classifier with fractal-based features of IVUS RF-signal.

Eiji Uchino==Takanori Koga==Hideaki Misawa==Noriaki Suetake==

The construction of a hospital disease tracking and control system with a disease infection probability model.

Yi Chao Huang==Qianyi Xie==

GMVN oriented S-BOX knowledge expression and reasoning framework.

Cong-Dong Li==Tian Xie==Yong-Li Tang==

A multi-objective genetic algorithm for yard crane scheduling problem with multiple work lines.

Chengji Liang==Min Chen==Mitsuo Gen==Jungbok Jo==

An adaptive genetic algorithm for the time dependent inventory routing problem.

Dong Won Cho==Young Hae Lee==Tae Youn Lee==Mitsuo Gen==

Optimization technique by genetic algorithms for international logistics.

Kazuhiro Takeyasu==Masaaki Kainosho==


Theodor Borangiu==

Embedding data on "communicating materials" from context-sensitive information analysis.

Sylvain Kubler==William Derigent==André Thomas==Eric Rondeau==

Distributed manufacturing control with extended CNP interaction of intelligent products.

Theodor Borangiu==Silviu Raileanu==Damien Trentesaux==Thierry Berger==Iulia Iacob==

Towards a distributed multi-agent framework for shared resources scheduling.

Bernard Archimède==Agnès Letouzey==Muhammad Ali Memon==Jiucheng Xu==

Towards a seamless integration between process modeling descriptions at business and production levels: work in progress.

Tobias Gerber==Alfred Theorin==Charlotta Johnsson==

Automatic generation of field control strategies for supporting (re-)engineering of manufacturing systems.

Christoph Legat==Daniel Schütz==Birgit Vogel-Heuser==

Generalized cell formation: iterative versus simultaneous resolution with grouping genetic algorithm.

Emmanuelle Vin==Alain Delchambre==

Predictive control architecture for real-time image moments based servoing of robot manipulators.

Adrian Burlacu==Cosmin Copot==Corneliu Lazar==

Applying discrete event simulation to the design of a service delivery system in the aerospace industry: a case study.

Filippo Visintin==Isabella Porcelli==Andrea Ghini==

Dynamic speed control of a machine tool with stochastic tool life: analysis and simulation.

Bernard F. Lamond==Manbir S. Sodhi==Martin Noël==Ousman A. Assani==

An approach to monitoring quality in manufacturing using supervised machine learning on product state data.

Thorsten Wuest==Christopher Irgens==Klaus-Dieter Thoben==

Automated formal verification for flexible manufacturing systems.

Emanuele Carpanzano==Luca Ferrucci==Dino Mandrioli==Mauro Mazzolini==Angelo Morzenti==Matteo Rossi==

Application of the classical levels of intelligence to structuring the control system in an automated distribution centre.

Andrés García Higuera==Javier de las Morenas==

jim - Volume 25 - Number 4 - August 2014
An adaptive pull strategy for remanufacturing systems.

Katsuhiko Takahashi==Yasuhiro Doi==Daisuke Hirotani==Katsumi Morikawa==

Solving large scale disassembly line balancing problem with uncertainty using reinforcement learning.

Emre Tuncel==Abe Zeid==Sagar Kamarthi==

Complex componential approach for redundancy allocation problem solved by simulation-optimization framework.

Carlos Henrique Mariano==Angel Fernando Kuri Morales==

Multi-commodity flow dynamic resource assignment and matrix-based job dispatching for multi-relay transfer in complex material handling systems (MHS).

Yen Yen Joe==Oon Peen Gan==Frank L. Lewis==

A polar-based guided multi-objective evolutionary algorithm to search for optimal solutions interested by decision-makers in a logistics network design problem.

Hossein Rajabalipour Cheshmehgaz==Md. Nazrul Islam==Mohamad Ishak Desa==

A condition-based maintenance policy for a production system under excessive environmental degradation.

H. Chouikhi==Abdelhakim Khatab==Nidhal Rezg==

Differential evolution variants to schedule flexible assembly lines.

Wen Han Vincent Lui==S. G. Ponnambalam==Ganesan Kanagaraj==

Hub network design problem in the presence of disruptions.

F. Parvaresh==S. M. Moattar Husseini==S. A. Hashemi Golpayegany==Behrooz Karimi==

Vector optimization of laser solid freeform fabrication system using a hierarchical mutable smart bee-fuzzy inference system and hybrid NSGA-II/self-organizing map.

Alireza Fathi==Ahmad Mozaffari==

CIGI2011: A heuristic method for resource-constrained project scheduling with activity overlapping.

Lucas Grèze==Robert Pellerin==Patrice Leclaire==Nathalie Perrier==

Process optimization of SnCuNi soldering material using artificial parametric design.

Chien-Yi Huang==Hui-Hua Huang==

Mining SOTs and dispatching rules from RFID-enabled real-time shopfloor production data.

Ray Y. Zhong==George Q. Huang==Qingyun Dai==T. Zhang==

jim - Volume 25 - Number 3 - June 2014
The state of the art on buffer allocation problem: a comprehensive survey.

Leyla Demir==Semra Tunali==Deniz Türsel Eliiyi==

Context-aware workflow management for virtual enterprises based on coordination of agents.

Fu-Shiung Hsieh==Jim-Bon Lin==

The resource access authorization route problem in a collaborative manufacturing system.

Qiang Liu==Xinhui Zhang==Xindu Chen==Lei Wang==

A model for integrating services and product EOL management in sustainable product service system (S-PSS).

Sajjad Shokohyar==Saeed Mansour==Behrooz Karimi==

The order fulfillment planning problem considering multi-site order allocation and single-site shop floor scheduling.

Yin-Yann Chen==

Honey bees mating optimization algorithm for process planning problem.

Xiaoyu Wen==Xinyu Li==Liang Gao==Hongyan Sang==

Comparing orthogonal force and unidirectional strain component processing for tool condition monitoring.

Burkhard H. Freyer==P. Stephan Heyns==Nico J. Theron==

An AIS-based hybrid algorithm for static job shop scheduling problem.

Xueni Qiu==Henry Y. K. Lau==

An enhanced classification approach for reliability estimation of structural systems.

Jiten Patel==Seung-Kyum Choi==

Real-time quality monitoring and predicting model based on error propagation networks for multistage machining processes.

Pingyu Jiang==Feng Jia==Yan Wang==Mei Zheng==

Petri net-based process monitoring: a workflow management system for process modelling and monitoring.

Albert Pla==Pablo Gay==Joaquím Meléndez==Beatriz López==

Using UML and OCL for representing multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems.

Yönet A. Eracar==Mieczyslaw M. Kokar==

Fuzzy inference mechanism for recognition of contact states in intelligent robotic assembly.

Zivana Jakovljevic==Petar B. Petrovic==Vladimir Dj. Mikovic==Miroslav Pajic==

Joint optimisation of maintenance and production policies with subcontracting and product returns.

Zied Hajej==Sofiène Dellagi==Nidhal Rezg==

Optimizing bi-objective imperfect preventive maintenance model for series-parallel system using established hybrid genetic algorithm.

Chung-Ho Wang==Sheng-Wang Tsai==

An e-Learning tool considering similarity measures for manufacturing cell formation.

Oliver R. Ilic==

jim - Volume 25 - Number 2 - April 2014
IT convergence security.

Hangbae Chang==Jongsung Kim==Jong Hyuk Park==

Construction of a secure two-factor user authentication system using fingerprint information and password.

Woong Go==Kwang-Woo Lee==Jin Kwak==

Content-based control of HTTPs mail for implementation of IT-convergence security environment.

Young-Ran Hong==Dongsoo Kim==

A secret sharing scheme for EBTC using steganography.

Cheonshik Kim==Dongkyoo Shin==Dongil Shin==Raylin Tso==Ching-Nung Yang==

Fast password recovery attack: application to APOP.

Fanbao Liu==Yi Liu==Tao Xie==Dengguo Feng==Yumeng Feng==

Analyzing and comparing the AES architectures for their power consumption.

Ahmet Dogan==Siddika Berna Örs==Gökay Saldamli==

Unbalanced states violates RFID privacy.

Imran Erguler==Emin Anarim==Gökay Saldamli==

Towards an accurate evaluation of quality of cloud service in service-oriented cloud computing.

Shangguang Wang==Zhipiao Liu==Qibo Sun==Hua Zou==Fangchun Yang==

A practical implementation of fuzzy fingerprint vault for smart cards.

Daesung Moon==Yongwha Chung==Chang-Ho Seo==Sung-Young Kim==Jeong-Nyeo Kim==

Image contrast enhancement for intelligent surveillance systems using multi-local histogram transformation.

Hwan-Joo Kwak==Gwi-Tae Park==

The industrial security management model for SMBs in smart work.

Yang-Hoon Kim==Hangbae Chang==

Test-driven forensic analysis of satellite automotive navigation systems.

Kyung-Soo Lim==Changhoon Lee==Jong Hyuk Park==Sangjin Lee==

Study on two privacy-oriented protocols for information communication systems.

Taek-Young Youn==Jongsung Kim==Myung-Jae Lim==

Ubiquitous-City Integrated Authentication System (UCIAS).

Jae-Soo Jang==Hyung-Min Lim==

Information security strategies: towards an organizational multi-strategy perspective.

Atif Ahmad==Sean B. Maynard==Sangseo Park==

jim - Volume 25 - Number 1 - February 2014
Solving a multi-objective master planning problem with substitution and a recycling process for a capacitated multi-commodity supply chain network.

Ching-Chin Chern==Seak-Tou Lei==Kwei-Long Huang==

Efficient metaheuristics for pick and place robotic systems optimization.

Slim Daoud==Hicham Chehade==Farouk Yalaoui==Lionel Amodeo==

A two-stage Ant Colony optimization algorithm to minimize the makespan on unrelated parallel machines - part II: enhancements and experimentations.

Jean-Paul Arnaout==Rami Musa==Ghaith Rabadi==

Mapping knowledge sharing traits to business strategy in knowledge based organisation.

Mei-Tai Chu==PremKumar KrishnaKumar==Rajiv Khosla==

Simulation and parameter optimization of flux cored arc welding using artificial neural network and particle swarm optimization algorithm.

D. Katherasan==Jiju V. Elias==P. Sathiya==A. Noorul Haq==

Neural network based modeling and optimization of deep drawing - extrusion combined process.

Moh'd Sami Ashhab==Thilo Breitsprecher==Sandro Wartzack==

Analysis and optimization of fixture under dynamic machining condition with chip removal effect.

K. Siva Kumar==G. Paulraj==

Multi-objective optimization of the light guide rod by using the combined Taguchi method and Grey relational approach.

Y. S. Yang==C. Y. Shih==R. F. Fung==

Design considerations of flat patterns analysis techniques when applied for folding 3-D sheet metal geometries.

A. Qattawi==Ahmad Mayyas==H. Thiruvengadam==V. Kumar==S. Dongri==Mohammed A. Omar==

An investigation on the impact of product modularity level on supply chain performance metrics: an industrial case study.

Ming-Chuan Chiu==Gül E. Okudan==

A malicious behavior analysis based Cyber-I birth.

Jie Wen==Jianhua Ma==Runhe Huang==Qun Jin==Jian Chen==Benxiong Huang==Ning Zhong==

Bead geometry prediction for robotic GMAW-based rapid manufacturing through a neural network and a second-order regression analysis.

Jun Xiong==Guangjun Zhang==Jianwen Hu==Lin Wu==

Using data mining synergies for evaluating criteria at pre-qualification stage of supplier selection.

Rajeev Jain==A. R. Singh==H. C. Yadav==P. K. Mishra==

A hybrid intelligent approach for optimizing the fine-pitch copper wire bonding process with multiple quality characteristics in IC assembly.

Tsung-Nan Tsai==

A simulation modeling framework for multiple-aisle automated storage and retrieval systems.

Jean Philippe Gagliardi==Jacques Renaud==Angel B. Ruiz==

Note to "Scheduling jobs and maintenances in flexible job shop with a hybrid genetic algorithm".

Yunus Demir==Selçuk Kürsat Isleyen==