Custom Machine Learning Recipes: The ingredients for success

Extend the capabilities of the H2O Driverless AI by Bringing Your Own Recipes to the platform.

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发布时间:2019-07-23 11:56:34

Start-up Mindset

Building IT solutions For A Start-up

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发布时间:2019-07-22 19:42:29

The Generative Deep Learning Book — The Parrot Has Landed.

My 459 day journey from blog to book and back again.

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AI is evolving faster than you think…

The controversy around the FaceApp and AI strides in Technology, Healthcare, Education & more

作者:Faisal Khan 来源:medium

发布时间:2019-07-20 15:18:01

How to build a Restaurant Recommendation Engine (part-2)

Learn how to build a Collaborative filtering Recommendation Engine for restaurants based on a user’s past experience using k-NN algorithm

作者:Nagesh Singh Chauhan 来源:medium

发布时间:2019-07-19 14:47:23

How AI Helped HousingAnywhere Create the First Scammer-free Booking Platform

Our new, high-tech employee hunts scammers 24 /7 and is 100 percent effective in eliminating flagged listings

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发布时间:2019-07-18 20:28:30

Understanding ‘Winograd Fast Convolution’

Deep learning thrives on speed. Here we will discuss how we can improve convolution by factor of 2.5x .

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发布时间:2019-07-18 11:44:54

Image Registration: From SIFT to Deep Learning

How the field has evolved from OpenCV to Neural Networks

作者:Emna Kamoun 来源:medium

发布时间:2019-07-16 19:50:40

AI-Based Photo Restoration

A story of how we’ve created the AI-based photo restoration project for old military photos

作者:Fedor Kitashov 来源:medium

发布时间:2019-07-13 19:48:00

How to Make Your Chatbot Sound Natural

Building inartificial dialogs with artificial intelligence

作者:Anna Prist 来源:medium

发布时间:2019-07-10 20:56:45

Is A.I. better or worse?

As Artificial Intelligence(AI) snowballs, we don’t even see that it’s a component of daily life, could you believe you get a personalized…

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How Managed to Squeeze a Deep Neural Network onto a $20 Wyze Camera

By Carlo C del Mundo

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The Answer to the A.I. Jobs Apocalypse Is All About Geography

The spread of intelligence machines will worsen geographic inequality, unless we take proactive measures

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发布时间:2019-07-09 21:30:42

The A-Z of AI and Machine Learning: Comprehensive Glossary

Ultimate Terminology You Need to Know

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Open Source has it all! Why use an AI platform?

10 reasons why enterprises invest in AI platforms from my most painful moments as an AI practitioner

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