Example of Denoising Dirty Documents with AutoEncoders

AutoEncoders is a particular neuronal network used for unsupervised task. There are a lot of goals of AutoEncoders like fraud detection…

作者:Samuel Chemama 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-12-27 04:21:04

2020: A Year Full of Amazing AI Papers — A Review

A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code

作者:Louis (What’s AI) Bouchard 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-12-26 23:33:43

Mask RCNN implementation on a custom dataset!

All incorporated in a single python notebook!

作者:Dhruvil Shah 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-12-26 13:27:35

Counting passing traffic

Using Yolo3, MotionEye, Python and friends

作者:David Moore 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-12-25 06:08:29

Deep Learning for Aircraft Recognition Part I: Building a CNN from Scratch

Building a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) from Scratch

作者:Chris Chow 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-12-24 14:19:01

NeurIPS 2020 Papers: A Deep Learning Engineer’s Takeaway

Techniques and insights for applied deep learning from papers published at NeurIPS 2020.

作者:Prabhu Prakash Kagitha 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-12-22 11:41:01

The mathematical foundations of probability

A measure-theoretic introduction

作者:Tivadar Danka 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-24 06:15:47

ICLR 2020: NLP Highlights

A Summary of ICLR 2020 with focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

作者:Hieu Nguyen 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-23 23:30:49

Handpicked Resources for learning Deep Learning in 2020

With all the noise present on Internet, it can be really tough to find out a real starting point into the world of Artificial Intelligence…

作者:Harveen Singh Chadha 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-23 02:34:56

How I built a Face Mask Detector for COVID-19 using PyTorch Lightning

A Step by step guide for building a face mask detector using PyTorch Lightning

作者:Jad Haddad 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-23 00:57:50

Identifying Emotions from Voice using Transfer Learning

Training a neural net to recognize emotions from voice clips using transfer learning.

作者:Shaan Shah 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-22 23:00:28

Overview of the VQA problem

by Quanglong in Cinnamon Student AI Bootcamp 2020

作者:Cinnamon AI 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-22 18:18:07

Multimodal deep learning to predict movie genres

A PyTorch implementation of a multimodal deep learning model. It uses a movie poster and overview to try and predict the movies’ genres.

作者:Dhruv Verma 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-21 23:29:42

10 TensorFlow Tricks Every ML Practitioner Must Know

Why TensorFlow is the complete ML package

作者:Rohan Jagtap 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-21 14:06:28

Evolution of Language Models: N-Grams, Word Embeddings, Attention & Transformers

This post collates research on the advancements of Natural Language Processing (NLP) over the years.

作者:Timothy Tan 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-20 06:39:32