chb - Volume 72

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chb - Volume 72 - - July 2017
Personality, learning, and satisfaction in fully online academic courses.

Anat Cohen==Orit Baruth==

Effect of tailored, gamified, mobile physical activity intervention on life satisfaction and self-rated health in young adolescent men: A population-based, randomized controlled trial (MOPO study).

Riitta Pyky==Heli Koivumaa-Honkanen==Anna-Maiju Leinonen==Riikka Ahola==Noora Hirvonen==Heidi P. K. Enwald==Tim Luoto==Eija Ferreira==Tiina M. Ikäheimo==Sirkka Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi==Matti Mäntysaari==Timo Jämsä==Raija Korpelainen==

Diagnosing user perception and acceptance using eye tracking in web-based end-user development.

Katerina Tzafilkou==Nicolaos Protogeros==

Relationship between the factors influencing online help-seeking and self-regulated learning among Taiwanese preservice teachers.

Shih-Hsiung Liu==

Gender comparison of online and land-based gamblers from a nationally representative sample: Does gambling online pose elevated risk?

Robert Edgren==Sari Castrén==Hannu Alho==Anne Salonen==

Psychological maltreatment, forgiveness, mindfulness, and internet addiction among young adults: A study of mediation effect.

Gökmen Arslan==

How do older and young adults start searching for information? Impact of age, domain knowledge and problem complexity on the different steps of information searching.

Mylène Sanchiz==Aline Chevalier==Franck Amadieu==

Increasing the effectiveness of digital educational games: The effects of a learning instruction on students' learning, motivation and cognitive load.

Anja Hawlitschek==Sven Jöckel==

Cyberloafing and social desirability bias among students and employees.

Yavuz Akbulut==Onur Dönmez==Özcan Özgür Dursun==

Unfolding the notes from the walls: Adolescents' depression manifestations on Facebook.

Yaakov Ophir==Christa S. C. Asterhan==Baruch B. Schwarz==

Mobile phone addiction and sleep quality among Chinese adolescents: A moderated mediation model.

Qing-Qi Liu==Zong-Kui Zhou==Xiu-Juan Yang==Fan-Chang Kong==Geng-Feng Niu==Cui-Ying Fan==

Uses and gratifications of social networking sites for bridging and bonding social capital: A comparison of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Joe Phua==Seunga Venus Jin==Jihoon (Jay) Kim==

That personal profile image might jeopardize your rental opportunity! On the relative impact of the seller's facial expressions upon buying behavior on Airbnb™.

Asle Fagerstrøm==Sanchit Pawar==Valdimar Sigurdsson==Gordon Foxall==Mirella Yani-De-Soriano==

A name alone is not enough: A reexamination of web-based personalization effect.

Cong Li==Jiangmeng Liu==

Rewarded and unrewarded competition in a CSCL environment: A coopetition design with a social cognitive perspective using PLS-SEM analyses.

Xinghua Wang==Matthew P. Wallace==Qiyun Wang==

Switching on or switching off? Everyday computer use as a predictor of sustained attention and cognitive reflection.

Adam Vujic==

Early usage of Pokémon Go and its personality correlates.

Marco Elio Tabacchi==Barbara Caci==Maurizio Cardaci==Valerio Perticone==

Latent-level relations between DSM-5 PTSD symptom clusters and problematic smartphone use.

Ateka A. Contractor==Sheila B. Frankfurt==Nicole H. Weiss==Jon D. Elhai==

Associations between psychosocial factors and generalized pathological internet use in Chinese university students: A longitudinal cross-lagged analysis.

Yu Tian==Yulong Bian==Piguo Han==Fengqiang Gao==Peng Wang==

Examining students' intention to continue using blogs for learning: Perspectives from technology acceptance, motivational, and social-cognitive frameworks.

Princely Ifinedo==

Effects of a tablet game intervention on simple addition and subtraction fluency in first graders.

Frauke van der Ven==Eliane Segers==Atsuko Takashima==Ludo Verhoeven==

The effect of preference similarity on the formation of clusters and the connectivity of social networks.

Madjid Tavana==Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga==Debora Di Caprio==

The construction of online shopping experience: A repertory grid approach.

Fatema Kawaf==Stephen Tagg==

The user experience of mobile music making: An ethnographic exploration of music production and performance in practice.

Sean McGrath==Steve Love==

Who uses dating apps? Exploring the relationships among trust, sensation-seeking, smartphone use, and the intent to use dating apps based on the Integrative Model.

Lik Sam Chan==

Predicting social capital on Facebook: The implications of use intensity, perceived content desirability, and Facebook-enabled communication practices.

Chris Chao Su==Ngai Keung Chan==

From theory to practice: Cyberbullying theory and its application to intervention.

Christopher P. Barlett==

Development and validation of the Multimodal Presence Scale for virtual reality environments: A confirmatory factor analysis and item response theory approach.

Guido Makransky==Lau Lilleholt==Anders Aaby==

Determining reactive and proactive aggression and empathy levels of middle school students regarding their video game preferences.

Digdem M. Siyez==Bahar Baran==

Development and Validation of Social Anxiety Scale for Social Media Users.

Yunus Alkis==Zafer Kadirhan==Mustafa Sat==

Positive psychology interventions for internet addiction treatment.

Fatemeh Khazaei==Omonabi Khazaei==Bahramali Ghanbari-H.==

A cross-cultural comparative analysis of crowdfunding projects in the United States and South Korea.

Moonhee Cho==Gawon Kim==

Exploring the effect of user engagement in online brand communities: Evidence from Twitter.

Noor Farizah Ibrahim==Xiaojun Wang==Humphrey Bourne==

Perceptions about and attitude toward the usage of e-learning in corporate training.

Hande Kimiloglu==Meltem Ozturan==Birgul Kutlu==

Fear in virtual reality (VR): Fear elements, coping reactions, immediate and next-day fright responses toward a survival horror zombie virtual reality game.

Jih-Hsuan Tammy Lin==

Computer self-efficacy, learning performance, and the mediating role of learning engagement.

I-Shuo Chen==

Virtual reality exposure therapy in flight anxiety: A quantitative meta-analysis.

Roxana A. I. Cardos==Oana A. David==Daniel O. David==

Escaping through exergames: Presence, enjoyment, and mood experience in predicting children's attitude toward exergames.

Shirley S. Ho==May O. Lwin==Jeremy R. H. Sng==Andrew Z. H. Yee==

Predicting perpetration of intimate partner cyberstalking: Gender and the Dark Tetrad.

Melissa Smoker==Evita March==

An integral model of e-loyalty from the consumer's perspective.

M. Jesús López-Miguens==Encarnación González-Rufino==

Individual differences in susceptibility to online influence: A theoretical review.

Emma Williams==Amy Beardmore==Adam N. Joinson==

The impact of social media on risk perceptions during the MERS outbreak in South Korea.

Doo-Hun Choi==Woohyun Yoo==Ghee-Young Noh==Keeho Park==

The media inequality: Comparing the initial human-human and human-AI social interactions.

Yi Mou==Kun Xu==

Structural relations between brain-behavioral systems, social anxiety, depression and internet addiction: With regard to revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (r-RST).

Morteza Fayazi==Jafar Hasani==

Examining the performance of brand-extended thematic-content: The divergent impact of avid- and skim-reader groups.

Kimmo Taiminen==Heikki Karjaluoto==

Formative computer-based feedback in the university classroom: Specific concept maps scaffold students' writing.

Andreas Lachner==Christian Burkhart==Matthias Nückles==

Gender and professional e-networks: Implications of gender heterophily on job search facilitation and outcomes.

Kathryn Aten==Marco DiRenzo==Dina Shatnawi==

Explaining social presence and the quality of online learning with the SIPS model.

Joshua Weidlich==Theo J. Bastiaens==

Boring is bad: Effects of emotional content and multitasking on enjoyment and memory.

Bridget Rubenking==

Reactions to ideological websites: The impact of emotional appeals, credibility, and pre-existing attitudes.

Alisha M. Ness==Genevieve Johnson==Michael K. Ault==William D. Taylor==Jennifer A. Griffith==Shane Connelly==Norah E. Dunbar==Matthew L. Jensen==

Ties that work: Investigating the relationships among coworker connections, work-related Facebook utility, online social capital, and employee outcomes.

Lei Vincent Huang==Piper Liping Liu==

Effects of interface design factors on affective responses and quality evaluations in mobile applications.

Upasna Bhandari==Tillmann Neben==Klarissa Chang==Wen Yong Chua==

Why do people file share unlawfully? A systematic review, meta-analysis and panel study.

Piers Fleming==Steven J. Watson==Elisavet Patouris==Kimberley J. Bartholomew==Daniel John Zizzo==

The Content-based Media Exposure Scale (C-ME): Development and Validation.

Anouk den Hamer==Elly A. Konijn==Xanthe S. Plaisier==Micha G. Keijer==L. C. Krabbendam==Brad J. Bushman==

A validity and reliability study of the computational thinking scales (CTS).

Özgen Korkmaz==Recep Cakir==M. Yasar Özden==

Shoot at first sight! First person shooter players display reduced reaction time and compromised inhibitory control in comparison to other video game players.

Jory Deleuze==Maxime Christiaens==Filip Nuyens==Joël Billieux==

The relation between 21st-century skills and digital skills: A systematic literature review.

Ester van Laar==A. J. A. M. van Deursen==J. A. G. M. van Dijk==Jos de Haan==

The Dunning-Kruger Effect in a workplace computing setting.

Shirley Gibbs==Kevin Moore==Gary Steel==Alan McKinnon==

Technology behaviors in education innovation.

María Luisa Sein-Echaluce==Ángel Fidalgo Blanco==Gustavo Ribeiro Alves==

Technological adaptation of the student to the educational density of the course. A case study: 3D architectural visualization.

David Fonseca==Ernesto Redondo==Francesc Valls==Sergi Villagrasa==

Learning with mobile technologies - Students' behavior.

Laura Briz Ponce==Anabela Pereira==Lina Carvalho==Juan Antonio Juanes Méndez==Francisco José García-Peñalvo==

Improving the expressiveness of black-box models for predicting student performance.

Carlos Villagrá Arnedo==Francisco José Gallego-Durán==Faraón Llorens-Largo==Patricia Compañ-Rosique==Rosana Satorre-Cuerda==Rafael Molina-Carmona==

Students' perceptions and attitudes towards asynchronous technological tools in blended-learning training to improve grammatical competence in English as a second language.

Ana María Pinto Llorente==María Cruz Sánchez Gómez==Francisco José García-Peñalvo==Sonia Casillas Martín==

MLearning and pre-service teachers: An assessment of the behavioral intention using an expanded TAM model.

José Carlos Sánchez Prieto==Susana Olmos-Migueláñez==Francisco J. García-Peñalvo==

Work engagement and its antecedents and consequences: A case of lecturers teaching synchronous distance education courses.

I-Shuo Chen==

Collaborative learning and mobile devices: An educational experience in Primary Education.

Ana Iglesias Rodríguez==Blanca García-Riaza==María Cruz Sánchez Gómez==

Which cognitive abilities underlie computational thinking? Criterion validity of the Computational Thinking Test.

Marcos Román-González==Juan-Carlos Pérez-González==Carmen Jiménez-Fernández==

Investigating the effect of realistic projects on students' motivation, the case of Human-Computer interaction course.

Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes==Maximiliano Paredes-Velasco==

Supporting technology-enhanced inquiry through metacognitive and cognitive prompts: Sequential analysis of metacognitive actions in response to mixed prompts.

Ying-Shao Hsu==Chia-Yu Wang==Wen-Xin Zhang==

Micro flip teaching ‒ An innovative model to promote the active involvement of students.

Ángel Fidalgo Blanco==Margarita Martínez-Núñez==Oriol Borrás Gené==Javier J. Sánchez Medina==

Developing a culture of commenting in a first-year seminar.

Philip Kreniske==

Differences between prospective, existing, and former users of interactive whiteboards on external factors affecting their adoption, usage and abandonment.

Bostjan Sumak==Maja Pusnik==Marjan Hericko==Andrej Sorgo==

Using gameplay data to examine learning behavior patterns in a serious game.

Jina Kang==Min Liu==Wen Qu==

Enriching programming content semantics: An evaluation of visual analytics approach.

I-Han Hsiao==Yi-Ling Lin==

Validation of indicators for implementing an adaptive platform for MOOCs.

Dolores Lerís==María Luisa Sein-Echaluce==Miguel Hernández==Concepción Bueno-García==

A proposed paradigm for smart learning environment based on semantic web.

Shimaa Ouf==Mahmoud Abd Ellatif==Shaimaa Ezzat Salama==Yehia K. Helmy==