chb - Volume 73

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  • 关注的研究方向 致力于从心理学角度研究计算机的使用
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chb - Volume 73 - - August 2017
The benefits of distance and mediation: How people react to conflicts in video chat vs. FtF.

Soo Yun Shin==Wuyu (Rain) Liu==Jeong-woo Jang==Gary Bente==

Are they accurate? Recruiters' personality judgments in paper versus video resumes.

Catherine Apers==Eva Derous==

Exploring the relationships between self-presentation and self-esteem of mothers in social media in Russia.

Elmira Djafarova==Oxana Trofimenko==

Problem solving through digital game design: A quantitative content analysis.

Dana Ruggiero==Laura Green==

Spatial memory training in a citizen science context.

Eduardo Palermo==Jeffrey Laut==Oded Nov==Paolo Cappa==Maurizio Porfiri==

Problematic internet use, psychopathology, personality, defense and coping.

Stéphanie Laconi==Morgane Vigouroux==Cécile Lafuente==Henri Chabrol==

Going Private in Public: A study on shift in behavioral trend using Facebook.

Garima Srivastav==Ankit Gupta==

Presenting novel application-based centrality measures for finding important users based on their activities and social behavior.

Ehsan Khadangi==Alireza Bagheri==

Giving a new makeover to STEAM: Establishing YouTube beauty gurus as digital literacy educators through messages and effects on viewers.

Grace Choi==Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz==

Your post is embarrassing me: Face threats, identity, and the audience on Facebook.

Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch==Jeremy P. Birnholtz==Jeffrey T. Hancock==

A regression approach to testing genetic influence on communication behavior: Social media use as an example.

Chance York==

When immediate interactive feedback boosts optimization problem solving: A 'human-in-the-loop' approach for solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems.

Genovefa Kefalidou==

The role of chronotype on Facebook usage aims and attitudes towards Facebook and its features.

Mehmet Baris Horzum==Eda Demirhan==

"I Got the Job!": An exploratory study examining the psychological factors related to status updates on facebook.

Marc J. Dupuis==Samreen Khadeer==Joyce Huang==

How people with hearing impairment in New Zealand use the Internet to obtain information about their hearing health.

Kristen A. Peddie==Rebecca J. Kelly-Campbell==

Who is dating and gaming online? Categorizing, profiling, and predicting online daters and gamers.

Taewoo Nam==

Content structure is king: An empirical study on gratifications, game genres and content type on Twitch.

Max Sjöblom==Maria Törhönen==Juho Hamari==Joseph Macey==

A study of negative emotional disclosure behavior in social network media: Will an unexpected negative event and personality matter?

Vincent Cho==

The dark side of technology: An experimental investigation of the influence of customizability technology on online political selective exposure.

Ivan B. Dylko==Igor Dolgov==William Hoffman==Nicholas Eckhart==Maria Molina==Omar Aaziz==

Identity formation in adolescent and emerging adult regular players of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

Dario Bacchini==Grazia De Angelis==Angelo Fanara==

Some things are better left unseen: Toward more effective communication and team performance in video-mediated interactions.

Martin Hassell==John Cotton==

Why do you keep doing that? The biasing effects of mental states on IT continued usage intentions.

Zachary R. Steelman==Amr A. Soror==

Modelling continuance intention of citizens in government Facebook page: A complementary PLS approach.

Naser Valaei==Mas Bambang Baroto==

The impact of different forms of cognitive scarcity on online privacy disclosure.

Giuseppe A. Veltri==Andriy Ivchenko==

Evaluating the effectiveness of educational data mining techniques for early prediction of students' academic failure in introductory programming courses.

Evandro de Barros Costa==Baldoino Fonseca==Marcelo A. Santana==Fabrísia Ferreira de Araújo==Joilson B. A. Rego==

An exploratory study on association between Internet game contents and aggression in Korean adolescents.

Hyun Cho==Sang-Kyu Lee==Jung-Seok Choi==Samwook Choi==Daijin Kim==

Early adolescents' use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social communication in 20 countries: Examining the roles of ICT-related behavioral and motivational characteristics.

Shaljan Areepattamannil==Myint Swe Khine==

Interacting with news: Exploring the effects of modality and perceived responsiveness and control on news source credibility and enjoyment among second screen viewers.

Michael A. Horning==

Do adolescent gamers make friends offline? Identity and friendship formation in school.

Lina Eklund==Sara Roman==

Helpfulness of product reviews as a function of discrete positive and negative emotions.

M. S. I. Malik==Ayyaz Hussain==

Can insecurely attached dating couples get compensated on social network sites? - The effect of surveillance.

Kexin Wang==Mingjie Zhou==Zheng Zhang==

Typing competencies in Alzheimer's disease: An exploration of copy tasks.

Luuk van Waes==Mariëlle Leijten==Peter Mariën==Sebastiaan Engelborghs==

"Scientific evidence is very important for me": The impact of behavioral intention and the wording of user inquiries on replies and recommendations in a health-related online forum.

Joachim Kimmerle==Martina Bientzle==Ulrike Cress==

Mobile communication as invader in face-to-face interactions: An analysis of predictors for parallel communication habits.

Bernadette Kneidinger-Müller==

The reciprocal and indirect relationships between passive Facebook use, comparison on Facebook, and adolescents' body dissatisfaction.

Ann Rousseau==Steven Eggermont==Eline Frison==

Psychological security and deviant peer affiliation as mediators between teacher-student relationship and adolescent Internet addiction.

Jichao Jia==Dongping Li==Xian Li==Yueyue Zhou==Yanhui Wang==Wenqiang Sun==

Understanding usage intention in innovative mobile app service: Comparison between millennial and mature consumers.

Hee Jin Hur==Ha Kyung Lee==Ho Jung Choo==

Ladders to m-commerce resistance: A qualitative means-end approach.

Jörg Heinze==Matthias Thomann==Peter Fischer==

Spanish adolescents' attitudes towards sexting: Validation of a scale.

Yolanda Rodríguez-Castro==Patricia Alonso-Ruido==Antonio Gonzalez-Fernandez==María Lameiras-Fernández==M. Victoria Carrera-Fernández==

Social media ostracism: The effects of being excluded online.

Frank M. Schneider==Britta Zwillich==Melanie J. Bindl==Frederic R. Hopp==Sabine Reich==Peter Vorderer==

Theoretical analysis of cyber-interpersonal violence victimization and offending using cyber-routine activities theory.

Kyung-shick Choi==Jin Ree Lee==

Online selection of a physician by patients: Empirical study from elaboration likelihood perspective.

Xianye Cao==Yongmei Liu==Zhangxiang Zhu==Junhua Hu==Xiaohong Chen==

How media multitasking reduces advertising irritation: The moderating role of the Facebook wall.

Emma Beuckels==Veroline Cauberghe==Liselot Hudders==

Social Robots from a Human Perspective.

Sonia Brondi==

A qualitative study into parental mediation of adolescents' internet use.

Katrien Symons==Koen Ponnet==Michel Walrave==Wannes Heirman==

On the way to learning style models integration: a Learner's Characteristics Ontology.

A. Ezzat Labib==José H. Canós==María del Carmen Penadés==

The motivational pull of video game feedback, rules, and social interaction: Another self-determination theory approach.

Ryan Rogers==

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and Socio-Emotional Wellbeing.

Fan Zhang==David Kaufman==

Examining the impact of gamification on intention of engagement and brand attitude in the marketing context.

Yang Yang==Yousra Asaad==Yogesh Dwivedi==

Interparental conflict and adolescent internet addiction: The mediating role of emotional insecurity and the moderating role of big five personality traits.

Yueyue Zhou==Dongping Li==Jichao Jia==Xian Li==Liyan Zhao==Wenqiang Sun==Yanhui Wang==

Changing stigmatizing attitudes to mental health via education and contact with embodied conversational agents.

Joel Sebastian==Deborah Richards==

Social media and relationship development: The effect of valence and intimacy of posts.

Amy C. Orben==Robin I. M. Dunbar==

The reciprocal associations between sharing alcohol references on social networking sites and binge drinking: A longitudinal study among late adolescents.

Femke Geusens==Kathleen Beullens==

The relationship of (perceived) epistemic cognition to interaction with resources on the internet.

Simon Knight==Bart Rienties==Karen Littleton==Matthew Mitsui==Dirk T. Tempelaar==Chirag Shah==

Trait anger and cyberbullying among young adults: A moderated mediation model of moral disengagement and moral identity.

Xingchao Wang==Li Yang==Jiping Yang==Pengcheng Wang==Li Lei==

An investigation of player motivations in Eyewire, a gamified citizen science project.

Ramine Tinati==Markus Luczak-Rösch==Elena Simperl==Wendy Hall==

Objective Facebook behaviour: Differences between problematic and non-problematic users.

Claudia Marino==Livio Finos==Alessio Vieno==Michela Lenzi==Marcantonio M. Spada==

Significant concerns influence online pro bono volunteering of faculty members.

Osama Ahmed Abdelkader==

Customer interface design for customer co-creation in the social era.

Ju-Young M. Kang==

Discovering suspicious behavior in multilayer social networks.

P. V. Bindu==P. Santhi Thilagam==Deepesh Ahuja==

Determinants of the intention to continue use of SoLoMo services: Consumption values and the moderating effects of overloads.

Heng-Li Yang==Ren-Xiang Lin==

Mood and learning in navigation-based serious games.

N. Nazrina M. Nazry==Daniela Maria Romano==

Like it or not: The Fortune 500's Facebook strategies to generate users' electronic word-of-mouth.

Jiangmeng Liu==Cong Li==Yi Grace Ji==Michael North==Fan Yang==

Effectiveness of self-training using the mobile-based virtual reality program in patients with social anxiety disorder.

Hesun Erin Kim==Yeon-Ju Hong==Min-Kyeong Kim==Young Hoon Jung==Sunghyon Kyeong==Jae-Jin Kim==

College students' social media use and communication network heterogeneity: Implications for social capital and subjective well-being.

Bumsoo Kim==Yonghwan Kim==

The ethical dissonance in digital and non-digital learning environments: Does technology promotes cheating among middle school students?

Ina Blau==Yoram Eshet-Alkalai==

Expressing emotions in blogs: The role of textual paralinguistic cues in online venting and social sharing posts.

Carmina Rodríguez-Hidalgo==Ed S. H. Tan==Peeter W. J. Verlegh==

A pilot study of virtual support for grief: Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes.

Lindsey M. Knowles==Eva-Maria Stelzer==Krystal S. Jovel==Mary-Frances O'Connor==

Does location congruence matter? A field study on the effects of location-based advertising on perceived ad intrusiveness, relevance & value.

Arief Ernst Hühn==Vassilis-Javed Khan==Paul E. Ketelaar==Jonathan van 't Riet==Ruben Konig==Esther Rozendaal==Nikolaos Batalas==Panos Markopoulos==


Anabela Mesquita==Ana Maria Ramalho Correia==

A systematic mapping study on using social media for business process improvement.

Ademir Macedo Nascimento==Denis Silva da Silveira==

A full scope web accessibility evaluation procedure proposal based on Iberian eHealth accessibility compliance.

José Martins==Ramiro Gonçalves==Frederico Branco==

An improved visualization-based approach for project portfolio selection.

Celmar Guimarães da Silva==João Meidanis==Arnaldo Vieira Moura==Maria Angélica Souza==Paulo Viadanna Jr.==Marcello R. de Oliveira==Maurício Rossi de Oliveira==Lidianne H. Jardim==Gabriel A. Costa Lima==Rafael S. V. de Barros==