chb - Volume 75

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chb - Volume 75 - - October 2017
How online self-customization creates identification: Antecedents and consequences of consumer-customized product identification and the role of product involvement.

Soyeon Kwon==Sejin Ha==Chris Kowal==

The role of university students' informal reasoning ability and disposition in their engagement and outcomes of online reading regarding a controversial issue: An eye tracking study.

Miao-Hsuan Yen==Ying-Tien Wu==

Investigating effects of social media news sharing on the relationship between network heterogeneity and political participation.

Jihyang Choi==Jae Kook Lee==Emily T. Metzgar==

Kicking out the trolls - Antecedents of social exclusion intentions in Facebook groups.

Lara Ditrich==Kai Sassenberg==

Contributions of mixed reality in a calligraphy learning task: Effects of supplementary visual feedback and expertise on cognitive load, user experience and gestural performance.

Emilie Loup-Escande==Rémy Frenoy==Guillaume Poplimont==Indira Thouvenin==Olivier Gapenne==Olga Megalakaki==

Online first impressions: Person perception in social media profiles.

Chantal Bacev-Giles==Reeshma Haji==

Investigation of Chinese students' O2O shopping through multiple devices.

Jincheng Huang==Jia Zhou==Guangji Liao==Fan Mo==Huilin Wang==

Publicness and directedness: Effects of social media affordances on attributions and social perceptions.

Bingjie Liu==Jin Kang==

Promoting collaborative learning through regulation of guessing in clickers.

I. M. Kulikovskikh==S. A. Prokhorov==S. A. Suchkova==

Accuracy and bias of ICT self-efficacy: An empirical study into students' over- and underestimation of their ICT competences.

Koen Aesaert==Joke Voogt==Els Kuiper==Johan van Braak==

Testing the usability of smartphone surface gestures on different sizes of smartphones by different age groups of users.

Tsai-Hsuan Tsai==Kevin C. Tseng==Yung-Sheng Chang==

Understanding the relationship strengths in users' activities, review helpfulness and influence.

Rojiar Pir Mohammadiani==Shahriar Mohammadi==Zaki Malik==

Comparison of mobile shopping continuance intention between China and USA from an espoused cultural perspective.

June Lu==Chun-Sheng Yu==Chang Liu==June Wei==

User interface based on natural interaction design for seniors.

Shih-Wen Hsiao==Chu-Hsuan Lee==Meng-Hua Yang==Rong-Qi Chen==

Mobile cloud computing: An effective multimodal interface tool for students with dyslexia.

Weam G. Alghabban==Reda M. Salama==Abdulrahman H. Altalhi==

To Facebook or to Face Book? An investigation of how academic performance of different personalities is affected through the intervention of Facebook usage.

M. Muzamil Naqshbandi==Sulaiman Ainin==Noor Ismawati Jaafar==Nor Liyana Mohd Shuib==

PTSD's relation with problematic smartphone use: Mediating role of impulsivity.

Ateka A. Contractor==Nicole H. Weiss==Matthew T. Tull==Jon D. Elhai==

Contemporary morality: Moral judgments in digital contexts.

Albert Barque Duran==Emmanuel M. Pothos==James A. Hampton==James M. Yearsley==

Unraveling the underlying factors SCulPT-ing cyberbullying behaviours among Malaysian young adults.

Vimala Balakrishnan==

Put down your phone and listen to me: How boss phubbing undermines the psychological conditions necessary for employee engagement.

James A. Roberts==Meredith E. David==

Effects of an integrated physiological signal-based attention-promoting and English listening system on students' learning performance and behavioral patterns.

Yu-Chen Kuo==Hui-Chun Chu==Meng-Chieh Tsai==

To you who (I think) are listening: Imaginary audience and impression management on Facebook.

Giulia Ranzini==Elles Hoek==

Linking multiple risk exposure profiles with adolescent Internet addiction: Insights from the person-centered approach.

Dongping Li==Xian Li==Liyan Zhao==Yueyue Zhou==Wenqiang Sun==Yanhui Wang==

To Err is human? How typographical and orthographical errors affect perceptions of online reviewers.

Dena Cox==Jeffrey G. Cox==Anthony D. Cox==

The effects of news consumption via social media and news information overload on perceptions of journalistic norms and practices.

Sun Kyong Lee==Nathan J. Lindsey==Kyun Soo Kim==

"Passion and concern for privacy" as factors affecting snapchat use: A situated perspective on technology acceptance.

David John Lemay==Tenzin Doleck==Paul Bazelais==

Explaining consumer brand-related activities on social media: An investigation of the different roles of self-expression and socializing motivations.

Lisette de Vries==Alessandro M. Peluso==Simona Romani==Peter S. H. Leeflang==Alberto Marcati==

Is exposure to online content depicting risky behavior related to viewers' own risky behavior offline?

Dawn Beverley Branley==Judith Covey==

The double-edged sword: A mixed methods study of the interplay between bipolar disorder and technology use.

Mark Matthews==Elizabeth L. Murnane==Jaime Snyder==Shion Guha==Pamara F. Chang==Gavin J. Doherty==Geri Gay==

Shifting from an audience to an active public in social viewing: Focusing on the discussion network.

Jiyoung Lee==Yunjung Choi==

Time spent online: Latent profile analyses of emerging adults' social media use.

Carol F. Scott==Laina Y. Bay-Cheng==Mark A. Prince==Thomas H. Nochajski==R. Lorraine Collins==

Can there be too much of a good thing? The effect of option number on cognitive effort toward online advertisements.

Stephen C. Nettelhorst==Whitney K. Jeter==Laura A. Brannon==Aaron Entringer==

The effect of user experience in online games on word of mouth: A pleasure-arousal-dominance (PAD) model perspective.

Minxue Huang==Rizwan Ali==Junyun Liao==

What makes us two-screen users? The effects of two-screen viewing motivation and psychological traits on social interactions.

Hongjin Shim==Euikyung Shin==Sohye Lim==

My virtual friend: A qualitative analysis of the attitudes and experiences of Smartphone users: Implications for Smartphone attachment.

Chris Fullwood==Sally Quinn==Linda K. Kaye==Charlotte R. Pennington==

The Pikachu effect: Social and health gaming motivations lead to greater benefits of Pokémon GO use.

Lukas Dominik Kaczmarek==Michal Misiak==Maciej Behnke==Martyna Dziekan==Przemyslaw Guzik==

Text navigation in multiple source use.

Alexandra List==Patricia A. Alexander==

Cognitive maps of individuals with blindness for familiar and unfamiliar spaces: Construction through audio-tactile maps and walked experience.

Konstantinos Papadopoulos==Eleni Koustriava==Marialena Barouti==

Romantic motivations for social media use, social comparison, and online aggression among adolescents.

Rachel Young==María Len-Ríos==Henry Young==

Adolescents' profiles of problematic Facebook use and associations with developmental variables.

Raquel Assunção==Paula M. Matos==

Designing computer-based rewards with and for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Intellectual Disability.

Aurora Constantin==Hilary Johnson==Elizabeth Smith==Denise Lengyel==Mark J. Brosnan==

The balancing mechanism of social networking overuse and rational usage.

Jingjing Yao==Xiongfei Cao==

Exhibiting achievement behavior during computer-based testing: What temporal trace data and personality traits tell us?

Zacharoula K. Papamitsiou==Anastasios A. Economides==

Cyberbullying victimization in higher education: An exploratory analysis of its association with social and emotional factors among Spanish students.

Santiago Yubero==Raúl Navarro==María Elche==Elisa Larrañaga==Anastasio Ovejero==

Assessing consumers' satisfaction and expectations through online opinions: Expectation and disconfirmation approach.

Atika Qazi==Alireza Tamjidyamcholo==Ram Gopal Raj==Glenn Hardaker==Craig Standing==

Stimulating and sustaining interest in a language course: An experimental comparison of Chatbot and Human task partners.

Luke K. Fryer==Mary Ainley==Andrew Thompson==Aaron Gibson==Zelinda Sherlock==

Personal artifact ecologies in the context of mobile knowledge workers.

Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi==Sarah Beth Nelson==Leslie Thomson==

Whoever will read it - The overload heuristic in collective privacy expectations.

Ricarda Moll==Stephanie Pieschl==Rainer Bromme==

Perceptions of selfie takers versus selfie stick users: Exploring personality and social attraction differences.

Jennifer L. Bevan==

Analyzing review efficacy on Amazon.com: Does the rich grow richer?

Alton Y. K. Chua==Snehasish Banerjee==

Ageism - Age coherence within learning material fosters learning.

Maik Beege==Sascha Schneider==Steve Nebel==Jessica Mittangk==Günter Daniel Rey==

Examining common information technology addictions and their relationships with non-technology-related addictions.

Leif Sigerson==Angel Y.-L. Li==Mike W.-L. Cheung==Cecilia Cheng==

The stress-buffering effect of self-disclosure on Facebook: An examination of stressful life events, social support, and mental health among college students.

Renwen Zhang==

Social network sites influence recovery from social exclusion: Individual differences in social anxiety.

Xiaoqing Lin==Siying Li==Chen Qu==

Risk perceptions of cyber-security and precautionary behaviour.

Paul van Schaik==Debora Jeske==Joseph A. Onibokun==Lynne M. Coventry==Jurjen Jansen==Petko Kusev==

Forecasting social CRM adoption in SMEs: A combined SEM-neural network method.

Ali Ahani==Nor Zairah Ab. Rahim==Mehrbakhsh Nilashi==

Impact of parents mobile device use on parent-child interaction: A literature review.

Cory A. Kildare==Wendy Middlemiss==

Why do audiences choose to keep watching on live video streaming platforms? An explanation of dual identification framework.

Mu Hu==Mingli Zhang==Yu Wang==

Buildings with persona: Towards effective building-occupant communication.

Saba Khashe==Gale M. Lucas==Burcin Becerik-Gerber==Jonathan Gratch==

How to deal with online consumer comments during a crisis? The impact of personalized organizational responses on organizational reputation.

Hannelore Crijns==Veroline Cauberghe==Liselot Hudders==An-Sofie Claeys==

Till logout do us part? Comparison of factors predicting excessive social network sites use and addiction between Singaporean adolescents and adults.

Shirley S. Ho==May O. Lwin==Edmund W. J. Lee==

A cross-cultural comparison of Croatian and American social network sites: Exploring cultural differences in motives for Instagram use.

Pavica Sheldon==Philipp A. Rauschnabel==Mary Grace Antony==Sandra Car==

Internet gaming disorder, motives, game genres and psychopathology.

Stéphanie Laconi==Sophie Pirès==Henri Chabrol==

Majority members' endorsement of the acculturation integrationist orientation improves their outgroup attitudes toward ethnic minority members: An electronic-contact experiment.

Hisham M. Abu-Rayya==

Is there a link between media-multitasking and the executive functions of filtering and response inhibition?

Karen Murphy==Stephanie McLauchlan==Mindy Lee==

Abnormal reward and punishment sensitivity associated with Internet addicts.

Weiqi He==Aiping Qi==Qing Wang==Haiyan Wu==Zhao Zhang==Ruolei Gu==Wenbo Luo==

"It's complicated." A systematic review of associations between social network site use and romantic relationships.

Holly M. Rus==Jitske Tiemensma==

No place for negative emotions? The effects of message valence, communication channel, and social distance on users' willingness to respond to SNS status updates.

Marc Ziegele==Leonard Reinecke==

From road distraction to safe driving: Evaluating the effects of boredom and gamification on driving behaviour, physiological arousal, and subjective experience.

Fabius Steinberger==Ronald Schroeter==Christopher N. Watling==

Understanding users' switching behavior of mobile instant messaging applications: An empirical study from the perspective of push-pull-mooring framework.

Yongqiang Sun==Dina Liu==Sijing Chen==Xingrong Wu==Xiao-Liang Shen==Xi Zhang==

Cyberbullying: Topics, strategies, and sex differences.

Nicholas Brody==Anita L. Vangelisti==

Is sexting good for your relationship? It depends ...

Michelle Drouin==Manda Coupe==Jeff R. Temple==

Positioning of online gambling and gaming products from a consumer perspective: A blurring of perceived boundaries.

Thorsten Teichert==Sally M. Gainsbury==Cordelia Mühlbach==

When the whole world is watching: A motivations-based account of selective expression and exposure.

David Coppini==Megan A. Duncan==Douglas M. McLeod==David A. Wise==Kristen E. Bialik==Yin Wu==

Culture moderates the effect of social support across communication contexts in young adult women in the United States.

Shu-Sha Angie Guan==Jessica J. Chiang==Lauren E. Sherman==Jessy Nguyen==Yuling Tsui==Theodore F. Robles==

On the credibility perception of news on Twitter: Readers, topics and features.

Shafiza Mohd Shariff==Xiuzhen Zhang==Mark Sanderson==

Knowledge sharing motivations in online health communities: A comparative study of health professionals and normal users.

Xing Zhang==Shan Liu==Zhaohua Deng==Xing Chen==

Public preferences for internet surveillance, data retention and privacy enhancing services: Evidence from a pan-European study.

Dimitris Potoglou==Fay Dunkerley==Sunil Patil==Neil Robinson==

Profiles of Internet use and parental involvement, and rates of online risks and problematic Internet use among Spanish adolescents.

Patricia Gómez==Sion Kim Harris==Carmen Barreiro==Manuel Isorna==Antonio Rial==

Beware the dark side: Cultural preferences for lying online.

Kent Marett==Joey F. George==Carmen C. Lewis==Manjul Gupta==Gabriel A. Giordano==

The effect of interactivity on smokers' intention to quit: A linear or curvilinear relationship?

Jeeyun Oh==

How online consumer reviews are influenced by the language and valence of prior reviews: A construal level perspective.

Goele Aerts==Tim Smits==Peeter W. J. Verlegh==

Cross-cultural dimensions influence on business internationalization by soft computing technique.

Svetlana Sokolov Mladenovic==Igor Mladenovic==Milos Milovancevic==Nebojsa Denic==

Investigating the relationships among college students' satisfaction, addiction, needs, communication apprehension, motives, and uses & gratifications with Snapchat.

Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter==Jair J. De la Cruz==Jason S. Wrench==

Senior, mature or single: A qualitative analysis of homepage advertisements of dating sites for older adults.

Liat Ayalon==Ateret Gewirtz-Meydan==

The effect of an avatar's emotional expressions on players' fear reactions: The mediating role of embodiment.

Matthias Hofer==Andreas Hüsser==Sujay Prabhu==

Examining the effects of motives and gender differences on smartphone addiction.

Chongyang Chen==Kem Z. K. Zhang==Xiang Gong==Sesia J. Zhao==Matthew K. O. Lee==Liang Liang==

The effects of consumer participation in product construction and design on willingness to pay: The case of software.

Lior Fink==Dorit Geldman==

"InTouch" with seniors: Exploring adoption of a simplified interface for social communication and related socioemotional outcomes.

Rebecca A. Judges==Clayo Laanments==Anita Stern==Ronald M. Baecker==

Companionship with smart home devices: The impact of social connectedness and interaction types on perceived social support and companionship in smart homes.

Byounggwan Lee==Ohkyun Kwon==Inseong Lee==Jinwoo Kim==

Predicting the acceptance and use of information and communication technology by older adults: An empirical examination of the revised UTAUT2.

Isabel Maria Macedo==

Not just numbers: The role of social media metrics in online news evaluations.

Myojung Chung==

The contribution of mobile social media to social capital and psychological well-being: Examining the role of communicative use, friending and self-disclosure.

Hsuan-Ting Chen==Xueqing Li==

Online Self-Regulated Learning Questionnaire in a Russian MOOC.

Ruth Martinez-Lopez==Carmen Yot==Iuliia Tuovila==Víctor-Hugo Perera-Rodríguez==

From sociability to creditability for academics.

Tsuang Kuo==Gwo Yang Tsai==Yen-Chun Jim Wu==Wadee Alhalabi==

Why do people watch others play video games? An empirical study on the motivations of Twitch users.

Max Sjöblom==Juho Hamari==

An empirical study on the incorporation of APP and progressive reasoning teaching materials for improving technical creativity amongst students in the subject of automatic control.

Hsieh-Chih Tsai==Min Jou==Jingying Wang==Chun-Chiang Huang==

Incidental exposure to news: Predictors in the social media setting and effects on information gain online.

Jae Kook Lee==Eunyi Kim==

Corrigendum to "Relationships among smartphone addiction, stress, academic performance, and satisfaction with life" [Computers in Human Behavior 57 (April 2016) 321-325].

Maya Samaha Rupert==Nazir S. Hawi==

Corrigendum to 'Pre-service teachers' behavioral intention to make educational animated movies and their experiences' [Computers in Human Behavior 63 (2016) 41-49].

Rabia Meryem Yilmaz==Ozlem Baydas==