chb - Volume 77

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  • 关注的研究方向 致力于从心理学角度研究计算机的使用
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chb - Volume 77 - - December 2017
Computer-based versus paper-based testing: Investigating testing mode with cognitive load and scratch paper use.

Anna Agripina Prisacari==Jared Danielson==

The effects of teaching programming with scratch on pre-service information technology teachers' motivation and achievement.

Osman Erol==Adile Askim Kurt==

Pro-smoking information scanning using social media predicts young adults' smoking behavior.

Yaguang Zhu==

Are sex differences in antisocial and prosocial Facebook use explained by narcissism and relational self-construal?

Nelli Ferenczi==Tara C. Marshall==Kathrine Bejanyan==

Mobile gamer's epistemic curiosity affecting continuous play intention. Focused on players' switching costs and epistemic curiosity.

Young-Berm Kim==Sang-Ho Lee==

A peer-influence perspective on compulsive social networking site use: Trait mindfulness as a double-edged sword.

Ofir Turel==Babajide Osatuyi==

Violent video game exposure and moral disengagement in early adolescence: The moderating effect of moral identity.

Zhaojun Teng==Qian Nie==Cheng Guo==Yanling Liu==

The tweeter matters: Factors that affect false memory from Twitter.

Nicholas Griffin==Cory R. Fleck==Mitchell G. Uitvlugt==Susan M. Ravizza==Kimberly M. Fenn==

Who do you troll and Why: An investigation into the relationship between the Dark Triad Personalities and online trolling behaviours towards popular and less popular Facebook profiles.

Barbara Lopes==Hui Yu==

"I see you, I know you, it feels good" - Qualitative and quantitative analyses of ambient awareness as a potential mediator of social networking sites usage and well-being.

Nicole C. Krämer==German Neubaum==Melanie Hirt==Carina Knitter==Sina Ostendorf==Sewit Zeru==

In-lecture media use and academic performance: Does subject area matter?

Daniel B. le Roux==Douglas A. Parry==

Examining the learning effects of live streaming video game instruction over Twitch.

Katherine Payne==Mark J. Keith==Ryan M. Schuetzler==Justin Scott Giboney==

Games at work: Examining a model of team effectiveness in an interdependent gaming task.

Sylvia Luu==Anupama Narayan==

Privacy and pleasure: A paradox of the hedonic use of computer-mediated social networks.

E. Mitchell Church==Ravi Thambusamy==Hamid Nemati==

Gendered discourse patterns on online social networks: A social network analysis perspective.

Tsahi (Zack) Hayat==Ofrit Lesser==Tal Samuel-Azran==

Social identity cues to improve creativity and identification in face-to-face and virtual groups.

Jérôme Guegan==Frédéric Segonds==Jessy Barré==Nicolas Maranzana==Fabrice Mantelet==Stéphanie Buisine==

A meta-analysis of the relationship of academic performance and Social Network Site use among adolescents and young adults.

Dong Liu==Paul A. Kirschner==Aryn C. Karpinski==

Investigating the relationship between social media consumption and fear of crime: A partial analysis of mostly young adults.

Jonathan Intravia==Kevin T. Wolff==Rocio Paez==Benjamin R. Gibbs==

How games induce cooperation? A study on the relationship between game features and we-intentions in an augmented reality game.

Benedikt Morschheuser==Marc Riar==Juho Hamari==Alexander Maedche==

Validity and Mechanical Turk: An assessment of exclusion methods and interactive experiments.

Kyle A. Thomas==Scott Clifford==

When is computer-mediated intergroup contact most promising? Examining the effect of out-group members' anonymity on prejudice.

Sandy Schumann==Olivier Klein==Karen Douglas==Miles Hewstone==

Harsh parenting and problematic Internet use in Chinese adolescents: Child emotional dysregulation as mediator and child forgiveness as moderator.

Mingzhong Wang==Wanxue Qi==

"+1 for Imgur": A content analysis of SIDE theory and common voice effects on a hierarchical bidirectionally-voted commenting system.

Brent J. Hale==

The valuation of privacy premium features for smartphone apps: The influence of defaults and expert recommendations.

Leyla Dogruel==Sven Jöckel==Jessica Vitak==

Trustworthiness perception is disrupted in artificial faces.

Benjamin Balas==Jonathan Pacella==

Effects of gain-versus loss-framed performance feedback on the use of fitness apps: Mediating role of exercise self-efficacy and outcome expectations of exercise.

Joon Soo Lim==Ghee-Young Noh==

Media multitasking: How visual cues affect switching behavior.

S. Adam Brasel==James Gips==

Adult attachment and profile images on Chinese social networking sites: A comparative analysis of Sina Weibo and WeChat.

Cong Shu==Na Hu==Xing Zhang==Yuanxiao Ma==Xu Chen==

Snap back to reality: Examining the cognitive mechanisms underlying Snapchat.

David C. Jeong==James Lee==

Introducing fuzzy like in social networks and its effects on advertising profits and human behavior.

Mohammad Hajarian==Azam Bastanfard==Javad Mohammadzadeh==Madjid Khalilian==

Differences between blind people's cognitive maps after proximity and distant exploration of virtual environments.

Antonio Cobo==Nancy E. Guerrón==Carlos Martín==Francisco del Pozo==José Javier Serrano==

Customers' reactions to technological products: The impact of implicit theories of intelligence.

Seyed Shahin Sharifi==Mauricio Palmeira==

Applying the job demands resources model to understand technology as a predictor of turnover intentions.

John R. Carlson==Dawn S. Carlson==Suzanne Zivnuska==Ranida B. Harris==Kenneth J. Harris==

How do motivations for commitment in online brand communities evolve? The distinction between knowledge- and entertainment-seeking motivations.

Ting-hsiang Tseng==Hazel H. Huang==Adilina Setiawan==

Effectiveness, attention, and recall of human and artificial voices in an advertising story. Prosody influence and functions of voices.

Emma Rodero==

How does social presence influence SNS addiction? A belongingness theory perspective.

Wei Gao==Zhaopeng Liu==Jingyuan Li==

In-service teachers' self-perceptions of digital competence and OER use as determined by a xMOOC training course.

María Soledad Ramírez Montoya==Juanjo Mena==José Antonio Rodríguez-Arroyo==

Innovation in consumer-computer-interaction in smart retail settings.

Eleonora Pantano==Alessandro Gandini==

Exploring the forms of sociality mediated by innovative technologies in retail settings.

Eleonora Pantano==Alessandro Gandini==

Generation Z consumers' expectations of interactions in smart retailing: A future agenda.

Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas==Nikolaos Stylos==Anestis K. Fotiadis==

Shopping with a robotic companion.

Francesca Bertacchini==Eleonora Bilotta==Pietro Pantano==

Preferences of smart shopping channels and their impact on perceived wellbeing and social inclusion.

Savvas Papagiannidis==Michael Bourlakis==Eleftherios Alamanos==Charles Dennis==

The influence of image interactivity upon user engagement when using mobile touch screens.

Marta Blazquez Cano==Patsy Perry==Rachel Ashman==Kathryn Waite==

Service failures in e-retailing: Examining the effects of response time, compensation, and service criticality.

Benedetta Crisafulli==Jaywant Singh==

Understanding the effect of smart retail brand - Consumer communications via mobile instant messaging (MIM) - An empirical study in the Chinese context.

Delia Vazquez==Charles Dennis==Yizhong Zhang==

Escaping the crowd: An experimental study on the impact of a Virtual Reality experience in a shopping mall.

Helena Van Kerrebroeck==Malaika Brengman==Kim Willems==