chb - Volume 78

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  • 关注的研究方向 致力于从心理学角度研究计算机的使用
  • CCF等级 / JCR分区 SSCI一区
chb - Volume 78 - - January 2018
Virtual intimacy: Propensity for physical contact between avatars in an online virtual environment.

Adam S. Sadowski==Anna M. Lomanowska==

The partial truths of compensatory and poor-get-poorer internet use theories: More highly involved videogame players experience greater psychosocial benefits.

Jeffrey G. Snodgrass==Andrew Bagwell==Justin M. Patry==H. J. Francois Dengah II==Cheryl Smarr-Foster==Max Van Oostenburg==Michael G. Lacy==

Are you happy for me ... on Facebook? The potential importance of "likes" and comments.

Anne L. Zell==Lisa Moeller==

'Snap happy' brands: Increasing publicity effectiveness through a snapshot aesthetic when marketing a brand on Instagram.

Jonas Colliander==Ben L. Marder==

The influence of prior knowledge structures on website attitudes and behavioral intentions.

Danae Manika==Diana Gregory-Smith==Savvas Papagiannidis==

The bionic blues: Robot rejection lowers self-esteem.

Kyle Nash==Johanna M. Lea==Thomas Davies==Kumar Yogeeswaran==

Empathy and embodied experience in virtual environment: To what extent can virtual reality stimulate empathy and embodied experience?

Dong-Hee Shin==

Effects of social popularity and time scarcity on online consumer behaviour regarding smart healthcare products: An eye-tracking approach.

Jian Mou==Dong-Hee Shin==

Did the risk of exposure to online hate increase after the November 2015 Paris attacks? A group relations approach.

Markus Kaakinen==Atte Oksanen==Pekka Räsänen==

Examining thematic similarity, difference, and membership in three online mental health communities from reddit: A text mining and visualization approach.

Albert Park==Mike Conway==Annie T. Chen==

No priming in video games.

David Zendle==Paul A. Cairns==Daniel Kudenko==

I just text to say I love you: Partner similarity in texting and relationship satisfaction.

Jonathan Ohadi==Brandon Brown==Leora Trub==Lisa Rosenthal==

Motivational components of tolerance in Internet gaming disorder.

Daniel L. King==Madeleine C. E. Herd==Paul H. Delfabbro==

Do casual gaming environments evoke stereotype threat? Examining the effects of explicit priming and avatar gender.

Linda K. Kaye==Charlotte R. Pennington==Joseph J. McCann==

Dark personalities on Facebook: Harmful online behaviors and language.

Olga Bogolyubova==Polina Panicheva==Roman Tikhonov==Viktor Ivanov==Yanina Ledovaya==

The effects of Facebook browsing and usage intensity on impulse purchase in f-commerce.

Lai-Ying Leong==Noor Ismawati Jaafar==Sulaiman Ainin==

The smartphone as your follower: The role of smartphone literacy in the relation between privacy concerns, attitude and behaviour towards phone-embedded tracking.

Paul E. Ketelaar==Mark van Balen==

Risky behavior via social media: The role of reasoned and social reactive pathways.

Dawn Beverley Branley==Judith Covey==

Use of military-themed first-person shooter games and militarism: An investigation of two potential facilitating mechanisms.

Toby Hopp==Scott Parrott==Yuan Wang==

The persuasion of borrowers' voluntary information in peer to peer lending: An empirical study based on elaboration likelihood model.

Jing-Ti Han==Qun Chen==Jian-Guo Liu==Xiao-Lan Luo==Weiguo Fan==

Exposing one's identity: Social judgments of colleagues' traits can influence employees' Facebook boundary management.

Anne-Marie van Prooijen==Giulia Ranzini==Jos Bartels==

The role of reading skills in the evaluation of online information gathered from search engine environments.

Carolin Hahnel==Frank Goldhammer==Ulf Kröhne==Johannes Naumann==

A qualitative investigation of student perceptions of game elements in a gamified course.

Tugce Aldemir==Berkan Celik==Goknur Kaplan==

Is resilience a protective factor of internet addiction?

Thomas W. Robertson==Zheng Yan==Kimberly A. Rapoza==

Predicting changes in giving and receiving emotional support within a smartphone-based alcoholism support group.

Woohyun Yoo==Dhavan V. Shah==Ming-Yuan Chih==David H. Gustafson==

Factors influencing bystanders' behavioral reactions in cyberbullying situations.

Jiyeon Song==Insoo Oh==

Security and privacy in online social networking: Risk perceptions and precautionary behaviour.

Paul van Schaik==Jurjen Jansen==Joseph A. Onibokun==Jean Camp==Petko Kusev==

Recovering from social exclusion: The interplay of subtle Facebook reminders and collectivistic orientation.

Judith Knausenberger==Gerald Echterhoff==

Understanding the effects of gratifications on the continuance intention to use WeChat in China: A perspective on uses and gratifications.

Chunmei Gan==Hongxiu Li==

The value of human interaction in service channels.

Mika Immonen==Sanna Sintonen==Jouni Koivuniemi==

Factors that affect scientists' knowledge sharing behavior in health and life sciences research communities: Differences between explicit and implicit knowledge.

Jongsoon Park==Joseph L. Gabbard==

The efficacy of the Friendly Attac serious digital game to promote prosocial bystander behavior in cyberbullying among young adolescents: A cluster-randomized controlled trial.

Ann DeSmet==Sara Bastiaensens==Katrien Van Cleemput==Karolien Poels==Heidi Vandebosch==G. Deboutte==Laura Herrewijn==Steven Malliet==Sara Pabian==Frederik Van Broeckhoven==Olga De Troyer==Gaetan Deglorie==Sofie Van Hoecke==Koen Samyn==Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij==

Linking analytics data and digital systems for supporting cognition and exploratory learning in 21st Century.

Dirk Ifenthaler==Demetrios G. Sampson==J. Michael Spector==

The impact of critical feedback choice on students' revision, performance, learning, and memory.

Maria Cutumisu==Daniel L. Schwartz==

Investigating the impact of Flipped Classroom on students' learning experiences: A Self-Determination Theory approach.

Stylianos Sergis==Demetrios G. Sampson==Lina Pelliccione==

Reprint of Readiness for integrating mobile learning in the classroom: Challenges, preferences and possibilities.

Rhonda Christensen==Gerald Knezek==

Promoting students' science literacy skills through a simulation of international negotiations: The GlobalEd 2 Project.

Kimberly A. Lawless==Scott W. Brown==Christopher Rhoads==Lisa Lynn==Sarah D. Newton==

Features students really expect from learning analytics.

Clara Schumacher==Dirk Ifenthaler==

Student profiling in a dispositional learning analytics application using formative assessment.

Dirk T. Tempelaar==Bart Rienties==Jenna Mittelmeier==Quan Nguyen==